Tuesday, March 30, 2021





    The end of last year, I shared the video performance "Libertango" played by marimbist, Fumito Nunoya with you. This time, I also would like to share his marimba "Carmen Fantasy" by Alexander Rosenblatt. It is a video clip of his new CD recording. 

    He already made a CD of Carmen Fantasy in classical style but this is a jazz version. In the classical CD, I am overwhelmed by his incredible technique at the climax toward the end. This jazz version is also amazing. You will swing along with the jaunty rhythm which he and Benyamin Nuss (pianist) create.

    They will come to Japan this fall and give concerts in several cities. Mr. Nunoya will give a solo concert on September 12th at Taga Asahiya. We look forward to listening to his marimba then!