Thursday, March 15, 2018

ポカポカ陽気の穏やかな一日。縁側のガラス戸を開けたら、賑やかにつぼみを付けた紅梅が目に飛び込んできました。ザラザラの枝から、どうしてこんな桃色の可愛らしいつぼみがたくさんつくのでしょう。紅梅、白梅は日本家屋によく似合います。It was a warm sunny day. When I opened the glass door of the veranda, I was overwhelmed with a sea of pinkish colors. The buds on the red plum tree are filling out and look very bright. I wonder why these cute pinkish buds came out from such rough and dry branches. I am glad that the red and white plum trees match with the old Japanese house.


Monday, March 12, 2018

数年前までアメリカで日本語を教えていた時の学生が昨日遊びに来て一泊したので、今朝の散歩は彼女と一緒でした。風は冷たいながらも前回より明るい陽射しが感じられました。そんな中で見つけた白梅の古木。きれいに咲き始めていました。少し過ぎたところの桜の枝はまだ硬そうなつぼみでした。Until a couple of years ago, I was teaching Japanese Language at a college in the US. A student from there came to visit me yesterday and stayed over night so I took today's morning walk with her. It was a bit cold but a fine day compared to the previous day. I found an old white plum tree which started blooming beautifully. On the contrary, the cherry trees which are just a few minutes walk from there are still budding.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

今日は「多賀あさひや」で琴修会大正琴の演奏と体験会がありました。講師の高橋先生と藤井明美先生による大正琴の美しい演奏が3曲あり、その後 参加者は実際に大正琴を前に置いて先生方にそれぞれ優しく指導を受けていました。子供のときに聞いた懐かしい音色。お雛様の前で華やかで和やかな時間が流れました。今はリズムやオーケストラと併せられるように簡単な機械もあり、楽しく弾ける工夫がしてあります。四月から第二、第四火曜日11:00am~12 noonまで「あさひや」の離れでお稽古が始まります。やってみたいかた、興味があるかたは藤井先生(090-5012-8111)までご連絡下さい。Taisho-koto (a zither with three to five strings) Demonstration and Workshop were held at the cafe today. Three pieces of music were demonstrated by instructors (Ms.Takahashi and Ms. Fujii), and then a workshop was opened for participants to experience hands-on Taisho-koto-playing. It was a nostalgic and beautiful sound to me, as I listened to it when I was a child. This pleasant time in front of Hina Dolls lasted about one and half hours. There are some devices now which synthesize beats and orchestral sounds so the player can enjoy the music much more with these accompaniments. If you are interested in taking lessons, please contact Ms. Fujii (090-5012-8111). The lessons will be held twice a month (the second and the forth Tuesday) at Taga Asahiya.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

しばらく振りに散歩に出てみました。春の芽吹きを見逃したかといささか焦って家を出たのですが、多賀の里の春はまだちょっと早いかなという感じでした。それでも、田んぼの間を歩いていると2月とは違う柔らかな「臭い」が春を感じさせてくれました。田んぼは殆どが冬のまんまでしたが、ちらほら土を掘り返しているところがあり、ふと道ばたに目をやると土筆(つくし)が優しげに顔を出していました。「春探し」に出た甲斐がありました。I took a walk for the first time in a while. I was in a hurry because I thought it might be a little late to catch the first signs of spring, but actually the spring in Taga is still a bit early. However I could smell the fresh March air which is different from the previous month. Most of the rice fields haven't changed yet, but the soil of some of the fields were dug up for a rice planting. When I looked toward the roadside, I found some horsetails were coming up gently from the earth. It was worth coming for "the search for spring".


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

地元の昔の仲間と一泊二日の伊勢旅行に行ってきました。私には50年振りの伊勢神宮(内宮)でしたが何と大雨の中での参拝でした。でもこの「ビショ濡れお伊勢参り」は今回のハイライトとして愉快な思い出となりました。翌日は風が強いものの快晴の下で、二見浦を美しく眺めることができました。鳥羽水族館のアシカのカーリー君の健気な演技と爽やか調教師のおにいさんが好印象でした。I went to an overnight trip to Ise with my local old friends. It is for the first time in 50 years for me to visit Ise Shrine. It turned to heavy rain while visiting. However, I now remember it as the "drenched worship for Ise shrine ". Next day was clear with the blue sky above although it was very windy. We enjoyed the view of beautiful Futamigaura. At the Toba Aquarium, Carly, the Eared Seal and his young trainer in the water show were impressive.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

野田さんの染飾布展が終ったので、翌日、お雛様を飾りました。一年振りのお目見えです。ひな壇を作って、赤い毛氈を敷いて、古いお人形を並べていると昔のことが色々蘇ってきます。床の間の前にちょこんと座って箱からお雛様を出していた祖母を小さかった私は見ていました。祖母は私に何を話しかけていたのでしょう。穏やかなお人形たちは今も昔も静かな時の流れの中にいます。After the Kaze no Kooboo exhibition finished, I displayed Hina dolls at the alcove the next day. They appeared for the first day in a year. When I was making their tiered stand, placing the red felt mat and displaying old Hina dolls there, I recalled my early days. I was watching my grandma who was sitting in front of the alcove with her legs bent and putting dolls out from a box. Now I wonder what she was saying to me at that moment. The dolls whose faces are gentle and calm, remain quietly unchanged throughout all of these years.

お雛様 内裏さま

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

今日は一日穏やかな良いお天気でした。野田浩二・公子夫妻の風野工房染色展は4日間の開催を経て昨日終りました。初日から開店と同時にお客様が次々に会場の「多賀あさひや」にお見えになり家中に飾られた野田さんの美しい作品をご覧になり、お買い求めになる方も多かったようです。帰りにお茶を飲んでお帰りくださるお客様も多く、カフェもお蔭様で忙しく動きました。野田さんのモダンで落ち着いた作品が「あさひや」の佇まいによく合っているとおっしゃってくださったお客さまの言葉が何よりも嬉しかったです。玄関脇のS,Kさんからの福寿草も今回の展示イベントを喜んでくれているようです。明るい春の兆しが「多賀あさひや」にも見えてきました。Today, it was a nice and calm day. Kaze no Kooboo exhibition and sale was finished after four open days. Guests came one after another to Taga Asahiya where the exhibition for the first day was held. They looked around Kooji Noda's beautiful works and many people bought the one they preferred. After that many of them also took time for coffee at the cafe which kept me happily busy. Some said that Kooji's modern and sophisticated colors in his dyed work suited my old Japanese house very much. I am so grateful to hear that. Ms. S.K brought Fukujyusoo (pheasant's eye) from her home. You will find it outside the front door. My happiness from the successful event is doubled by seeing this tiny cute flower. It signifies the coming of bright spring at the cafe "Taga Asahiya".