Monday, September 27, 2021



    In my area, Taga, some farmers are cultivating Soba (buckwheat) using the climate, although I don't know when they started. People named it Taga Soba for selling it and it is served at the buckwheat noodle restaurants. They also produced dry Taga Soba for keeping longer. Since someone on facebook posted a picture of Soba flowers which are blooming now in the field in Taga, I wanted to see them, so I extended my walk this morning. When I crossed over the bridge of the Serigawa (river), white shining Soba field came into my eyes. The white buckwheat field, mountains and countryside houses match well and look so beautiful. In the clear sky, I saw the moon high up.



Thursday, September 23, 2021



    It's Autumnal Equinox Day and a national holiday. Since it is Monday, which is the regular closing day of the cafe, I thought whether I should close the cafe or open for the special day but I decided to close to relax. When I visited the shrine, there was a nice scent. I wondered where it came from and found a flagrant olive tree which had tiny yellow flowers. I also found maple trees with leaves that have just started turning red. When I approached the worship area, Shinto priests and priestesses were cleaning the floor and steps with all members. I was grateful to them. After going through the shrine woods, I walked a different route than usual. Although the path was partially mud because of the heavy rain last evening, I was fascinated by the scenery of mountains and villages. Red spider lilies seemed to be over the peak and Japanese pampas grass were showing the beauty of autumn, instead.

Monday, September 20, 2021



    We have passed the halfway point of September and it is the season of cosmos which sway gently in the wind. Today was a fine day which was a little hot in the afternoon. I saw the front street from the window of the cafe's kitchen and It seemed lively with families who visit Taga taisha (shrine). We had a family (a young couple with their baby and both parents) who visited the shrine for their newborn baby and had a celebration lunch. I prepared a special lunch for them.They were taking turns holding the baby and they looked so happy. I was so glad to have them and serve their lunch.

Thursday, September 9, 2021



    さて、来る10月30日(土曜日)31日(日曜日)はクラウンデュオ・RONE & Gigiが多賀あさひやにやってきます。既にご存知の方も多いと思いますが、ロネとジージは国際的なコンテストで数々の輝かしい賞を受賞している実力派の二人です。秋のひととき息の合ったロネジジが軽妙な技と笑いを皆様にお届けします。公演のほかに日本では馴染みの薄いクラウンを「チャップリンからドリフまで(その2)」というタイトルで分かりやすくまた楽しく解説する講座もございます。


振込先:ゆうちょ銀行 普通 記号14630 番号 19616481

    As I already let you know, September concert by Marimbist, Fumito Nunoya was cancelled because of spreading of the coronavirus. I again apologize to the people who were looking forward to the concert.
Now, I would like to announce the Clown duo; Rone & Gigi will come to Taga Asahiya and give a performance and talk on October 30th and 31st. Rone & Gigi won many awards in the international clown contest and they perform perfectly in tune with each other. They will show wonderful clown's technique and make you laugh. Since clowning is not very popular in Japan, clown Rone will give a talk to you so it is easier and fun for you to know what clown is.

    Please email or make a phone call to get the ticket, or come directly to the cafe. Hope many people will come and enjoy the clown show.

Monday, September 6, 2021




    It was hot and humid on the first Sunday of September, which was yesterday. Renovation of the house next door which began last year ended recently and opened as a restaurant which serves Ohmi beef which is one of the excellent Japanese beef. I am glad that I feel the street, which is usually not very busy, is becoming active because of the new restaurant. We had guests in our cofe continuously in the afternoon. The owner (me), who is used to being slow, got a little bit panicked yesterday. Since I sometimes did not know what was happening when I had to go in the back kitchen, a local customer who is very friendly and often comes to the cafe helped to let me know that I needed to come back to the front.

    Well, here is yesterday's special lunch ; Tuna mousse, Pork and Japanese spinach dressed with mustard, Chicken meatballs, Mixed salad with daikon, mizuna and apple, Pork beans, Spring rolls, Rice with sweet potato and Chawanmushi (savory egg custard with assorted ingredients). I served many Shiratama Cream Anmitsu, too. I greatly appreciated the customer's warm heart and patience.

Saturday, September 4, 2021



イザナミランチ(+お汁)+コーヒー 1600円
イザナミランチ(+お汁)+コーヒー+もち粉ケーキ 1700円
白玉クリームあんみつ 750円


    Although IZANAMI MARKET will be cancelled on coming Sunday, Sep.5th, IZANAMI LUNCH at Taga Asahiya will be served as scheduled. We received favorable reviews for our new menu "Shiratama Cream Anmitsu". Hope you will enjoy them!

Izanami lunch (+soup) 1373 yen
Izanami lunch (+soup) + coffee 1600 yen
Izanami lunch (+soup) + coffee + Mochiko cake 1700 yen
Shiratama Cream Anmitsu (sweet dumplings, sweet red bean paste, agar jelly, ice cream and fruits) 750 yen

Please reserve either by email or phone (0749-48-0186).
You are also able to order take out without soup for 1000 yen.

The photos are from the last Izanami lunches. We welcome you with a new menu.



    On OTSUITACHI (First day of the month) at seven a.m., Taga Taisha gives invocation for the people who come to receive it at the worship place, but it was cancelled today because a state of emergency was announced to avoid spreading of the coronavirus. Even so, more people than on a normal morning came to the shrine and prayed early this morning. September has just started. The big buzz of cicadas from trees seems to signal the end of the summer. There are some rice paddies where rice harvesting has already been done and some are a golden color consisting of rice plants with full ears of rice. It is such beautiful early autumn scenery. Red flowers of cockscomb on the way attracted me and I was surprised by persimmon fruits which were already colored. I enjoyed my morning walk to find autumn.