Thursday, September 23, 2021



    It's Autumnal Equinox Day and a national holiday. Since it is Monday, which is the regular closing day of the cafe, I thought whether I should close the cafe or open for the special day but I decided to close to relax. When I visited the shrine, there was a nice scent. I wondered where it came from and found a flagrant olive tree which had tiny yellow flowers. I also found maple trees with leaves that have just started turning red. When I approached the worship area, Shinto priests and priestesses were cleaning the floor and steps with all members. I was grateful to them. After going through the shrine woods, I walked a different route than usual. Although the path was partially mud because of the heavy rain last evening, I was fascinated by the scenery of mountains and villages. Red spider lilies seemed to be over the peak and Japanese pampas grass were showing the beauty of autumn, instead.