公演 展示会



    Bokuga (Sumi-ink painting) by Sunao Yokota is now being exhibited at Taga Asahiya. Putting Sumi-ink on the Japanese paper and putting it in layers is her original technique and creates a strange but beautiful Sumi-ink world. All her works exist deeply and quietly in an old Japanese house, but on the other hand they overwhelm the viewer. Hope you could come to appreciate her paintings. The exhibition continues until November 21st (Sunday).


横田 順 墨画展
11月5日(金)〜21日(日) 11:00〜17:00 月・木 (定休日)

    Exhibition of Bokuga (Sumi-ink painting) by Sunao Yokota will start tomorrow, Nov. 5th. It is the second time following last year. Ms. Yokota will present many new works which are deeper and even more energetic. Hope you will appreciate Yokota's Bokuga works on a quiet autumn day.



    Clown lecture by Rone Takano (Clown Rone) and two Clown performances have successfully finished. I didn't realize how important the way of thinking of clowns is in our daily life. I am not able to say it in short but I thank Rone Takano (Clown Rone) who talked about it logically and easily for us including various examples and movie clips. I am also very impressed by Clown Gigi who introduced one of the ways of communicating to other people. The next day, two Clown performances were held. The audience, consisting of small children to seniors, enjoyed the show. I could hear clapping and laughter from them all the time. They looked very relaxed and felt free despite the locked up feeling caused by coronavirus. I am grateful to be able to hold these fun events at my cafe.



    さて、来る10月30日(土曜日)31日(日曜日)はクラウンデュオ・RONE & Gigiが多賀あさひやにやってきます。既にご存知の方も多いと思いますが、ロネとジージは国際的なコンテストで数々の輝かしい賞を受賞している実力派の二人です。秋のひととき息の合ったロネジジが軽妙な技と笑いを皆様にお届けします。公演のほかに日本では馴染みの薄いクラウンを「チャップリンからドリフまで(その2)」というタイトルで分かりやすくまた楽しく解説する講座もございます。


振込先:ゆうちょ銀行 普通 記号14630 番号 19616481

    As I already let you know, September concert by Marimbist, Fumito Nunoya was cancelled because of spreading of the coronavirus. I again apologize to the people who were looking forward to the concert.
Now, I would like to announce the Clown duo; Rone & Gigi will come to Taga Asahiya and give a performance and talk on October 30th and 31st. Rone & Gigi won many awards in the international clown contest and they perform perfectly in tune with each other. They will show wonderful clown's technique and make you laugh. Since clowning is not very popular in Japan, clown Rone will give a talk to you so it is easier and fun for you to know what clown is.

    Please email or make a phone call to get the ticket, or come directly to the cafe. Hope many people will come and enjoy the clown show.





Mr. Shusei Yamada came to Shiga from Iwate this year again for the inspection of his Biodiesel fuel car (Vasco-5) which has a small biodiesel fuel plant devised by himself. We had two of his talk events at my cafe. As I requested him to talk freely without any particular theme, he gave a speech depending on the member of the participants and their reaction, taking out his data and photos chosen from his computer. I always admired his wonderful presentations. I cannot summarize his two hour speech because of my lack of ability, but I will try to do my best. Mr. Shusei Yamada has had many incredible experiences. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he helped reconstruction of the disaster area. He also took on the challenge and devised ways of living with SDGs (sustainable Development Goals). His message is that we could live rich and happy lives depending on the choice of our lifestyle before 2030 when people say that it will be the turning point of whether the earth will survive or not.

He also talked about an experience last year where he went to the mountain to cut big trees and made logs to carry by a truck. There were some impressive lines he said. When he saw the annual rings after cutting the tree, he realized that it lived many years and generations. He said that he needed his determination at the risk of his life to cut the tree because he knows he will receive a very strong impact from the tree which has precious life in it. In order to raise excellent trees, we need to take care of them. If we don't, not only mountains will get rough but also the sea will get worse. At this point, a scene of "the Forest" from The Blue Bird written by Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949) came up in my mind. Old trees of various kinds and animals are all very angry about what human beings have done to them without any consideration and they accuse Tyltyl and Mytyl who were captured in the forest. I also remembered the scene of " The Kingdom of the Future" from The Blue Bird when Mr. Yamada talked about the children who have memories before they are born which is called The memory in the womb. 

We are living in Japan which is blessed with mountains, sea and forest. However, global warming and the food crisis are progressing rapidly. If we leave the problem alone, it is obvious that we will face a crisis soon. Mr. Yamada said that we need to be aware of the messages which are being sent silently in various places. 

Mr. Yamada continued that we already opened the Adventure Door when we were born and only ourselves can open the door of our life. We should live to make our soul satisfied. These words shared by Mr. Yamada as a result of his amazing experiences are very powerful and persuasive. We are the only ones who can open the door to living our true authentic selves and making our lives sustainable. He says that where you make a step forward is where the road ahead will reveal itself. I like this phrase. It makes me feel refreshed and encouraged. Mr, Shusei Yamada, Thank you so much!

急なお知らせですが、週末に山田周生さんのトークイベントをします。山田周生さんは既にご存知の方も多いですが、バイクでサハラ砂漠を単独縦断30回以上、2輪と4輪でパリダカールラリー3度完走、BDF車で地球1周、東北大震災以後は岩手で被災地支援をしながら環境とエネルギー問題に取り組み活動をしています。今年はできるだけ多くの方に参加いただきたいと1月29日(金曜日)の午後6時と30日(土曜日)の午後1時の二回講演をお願いしました。さて今回はどんなお話になるでしょうか。ドキドキワクワク…。連絡お待ちしています‼ Please excuse my late notice. This weekend, we will have Shusei Yamada's talk event at my cafe, Taga Asahiya. As many people already know, Mr. Yamada solo-travelled through the Sahara Desert by his motorcycle more than thirty times, participated in Pari-Dakar Rally three times and finished all goals (two times by motorcycle, one four wheel car), drove around the earth by BDF car. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he did disaster area support in Iwate prefecture, and has been actively working on environmental problems and energy issues. This year, since I wish many people can participate in his talk events as possible, I asked Mr. Yamada to give us two talks (Jan.29 at 6pm and Jan.30 at 1pm). We are very excited about what he will be going to say. Hope many people will come to the event. 

クラウン・ライブと講座が終了しました。コロナ禍で座席数を減らしてのイベント。入場時からお客様は落ち着いて私どもに協力してくださりありがたかったです。ライブはジージ扮するばあばが赤ん坊を寝かしつけながら物語を始めるところからで、ジャグリング、マジック、ばあばと燕尾服との恋の駆け引き、マイムで表される野球少年たちの夢、最後はオリジナル曲がロネジージによって手話を入れて歌われ、芸達者なロネとジージのパフォーマンスに大笑いしたかと思えば見事な表現に「ほお〜っ」と感心したり、大人も子供もロネジジの世界に引き込まれてしまいました。翌日はロネこと高野呂音さんのクラウンとは何かについての講座。明治の頃、日本になぜクラウンが入らなかったのか、欧米の暮らしの中のクラウンの存在などが分かりやすく解説され、クラウンが実は相手のために自分がどう生きるかという問題に繋がり、ゆるみを許容する社会を形成することになるなど、個々人にとって非常に有効で充実した話しでした。また初期のチャプリンが古典的な手法の型を使っていたことなど動画を見ながらの説明も新鮮で楽しかったです。来年はコロナも収まりたくさんの方にロネジジ公演を楽しんでいただけるよう心から願っています。Clown Performance and Talk took place last Saturday and Sunday. We had to reduce the number of the seats for these events due to the protection of coronavirus spreading. We thank all guests who were cooperative with us. The show started from the scene in which an old lady played by Gigi put the baby to sleep, and moved to juggling, magic, illusion mime, pantomime along with the story and their original song with sign language in the end. Everybody laughed at their comical scenes and admired their superb technique. Kids and adults were all drawn in to the world created by Rone & Gigi. The next day, Rone Takano as clown Rone gave a talk about what a clown is. She talked about " The origin and history of clown in Europe'' , "Why clown didn't come into Japan in the Meiji era while other cultures like ballet, music, western theater did" and "People's life in Europe and US is close to clown". Rone's talk was very clear and interesting. We learned that clowns in fact exist to please every people, and wish to live for others. The existence of clowns who are sympathetic to anyone creates a society where even people's failures can be accepted. These talks were very significant and useful to us. Rone also showed the film of early Charles Chaplin and explained to us that he used to use traditional comic forms in many scenes. Charles Chaplin is one of the greatest clowns among the professional clowns. I think both performance and talk were very interesting and enriching to us. Hope that coronavirus will go away next year and more people will enjoy next year's clown performance at Taga Asahiya.

11月19日 2020

11月14日 2020
クラウンって何?ピエロ?よく分からない… そう思っている方多いのでは?百聞は一見にしかず。欧米ではごく一般的で伝統的な笑いの手法を使って、訓練を重ねた実力派の2人のクラウンが今年はちょっと大人向けの愉快なステージを見せてくれます。ジャグリング、マイム、マジック、音楽とダンスを堪能してください。笑いは免疫力アップになります。人数限定です。是非!!

2019年Rone & Gigi @ 多賀あさひや

横田順(すなお)さんの墨画展が2日(金曜日)から始まっています。油彩でも水彩でもなく、また水墨画でもない独自の画法で描かれた墨画が「多賀あさひや」の蔵、座敷、離れ、廊下、はたまた普段はプライベートな場所の食堂などにも飾られて、それぞれ魅力的な世界を創り出しています。いつもは掛け軸や写真、版画、エッチングなどを掛けている壁面に、あるいは何もなかった場所に横田さんの様々な作品が置かれ、家中がギャラリーになるという何とも贅沢な心持ちを味わっています。そして、それぞれの作品が民家に溶け込み静かに息をしていることに不思議な感動を覚えます。絵からの語りかけが家屋の壁や柱や家具などと上手く呼応していて実に嬉しいです。Bokuga (Sumi-ink painting) exhibition by Sunao Yokota started last Friday. It is neither oil painting nor watercolor painting, but also not traditional ink painting. It was originally created by Yokota and about 20 of her works were displayed in a storage room (Kura), two guest rooms, hall way and even a dining room which is opened only for this occasion and each of them created their own artmosphere. Yokota's paintings are displayed in the alcove and walls where I usually hang scrolls, photos, woodprints and etching. I feel so rich to be in a gallery with those wonderful paintings. I am also impressed with Yokota's paintings which fit into my old Japanese house. The expressions from each of Yokota's paintings and the old walls, pillars and furniture in the house resonate with each other and it makes me so happy.



横田さんは彦根市在住の画家。美術雑誌「百兵衛」#25, 2013に作品とともに横田さんについての記事が掲載されました。本人による書き直し部分がありますが以下は引用です。「30代の初めに書と出会う。書との出会いは横田にとって思いの外、大きな出来事となった。書塾では古典や詩、小説の一部などの言葉を借り、自らの気持ちを表現した。しかし時を経るに従い、書ではどうしても言葉の存在によって自身と作品との間に埋められない距離、また表現の限界を感じるようになった。現実の世界に生きている自分が考えたことや感情を描いていきたいと考えて、ついには約9年間通った書塾を辞め、墨による自己表現の旅に出た。自分が生きるこの世界に起こる数々の出来事を、深く、広く考え続ける。今感じていることを、どのような色、形、構図で表現すべきなのか試行錯誤しながら描く。その中で絵から力が感じられ、納得できるものだけが横田の作品となれる。ー省略ー」
 私が横田さんに出会ったのは1年前。ある方を介してですが写真集で作品を見せていただきました。墨の濃淡に全身全霊をかけて妥協ない表現に挑むその迫力、墨に表れる凝縮された内面の深い世界、鋭く厳しい反面柔らかな優しさに満ちた作品の数々に衝撃を受け感動しました。今回コロナ禍で例年の京都での個展が開かれず、設備を持たない私どもの古民家ですが、このような会場で横田さんの作品を観ていただくのもまた良いのではないかと開催が決まりました。コロナ感染防止のため1日10人の限定ではありますが、ゆったりした環境で作品と向き合っていただけるでしょう。是非おいでください。尚、お手数ですが電話またはEメールで事前の連絡をお願いいたします。(電話:0749-48-0186、 Eメール:taga.asahiya@gmail.com

I am pleased to announce Boku-ga (Sumi ink paintings) exhibition by Sunao Yokota in October at Taga Asahiya. Ms. Yokota is a painter who lives in Hikone. There is an article about her which was on art magazine "Hyakubei" in 2013 with her several works. Although the article is partially rewritten by Ms. Yokota, I would like to quote some lines from it: "I encountered Japanese calligraphy when I was in my early thirties and it influenced me more than I expected. At the calligraphy school, I expressed myself by borrowing words from classics, poems and parts of novels. However the more time passed, the more distance I felt between the words and myself which I couldn't resolve and I felt a limitation in my expression because the existence of the words didn't free me. I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings as I live in the real world. Therefore, I decided to leave calligraphy school where I was for nine years and departed for the Sumi-ink world to express myself. I wanted to keep thinking deeply and widely about various events which occurred in the world. Thinking of the color, shape and structure, I draw my painting repeatedly through trial and error and in this process, I feel a sense of power and only the one which I am satisfied with remains as Yokota's work. ---(omitted below) ----". 

I met Ms. Yokota one year ago via my acquaintance. She brought a photo album of her works. I was overwhelmed by her Sumi-ink paintings in which she puts all of herself and never compromises. Her black and white paintings show her deep and condensed world which I felt is sharp and tough but at the same time soft and warm. They struck and moved me very much. Every year Ms. Yokota has her exhibition at the gallery in Kyoto, but due to the Corona situation, it was cancelled this year. so I offered the place instead. It must be a good place to appreciate her paintings. We limit ten people in a day to prevent infection of coronavirus and we ask you to let us know your visit beforehand.(phone:0749-48-0186、Email:taga.asahiya@gmail.com

「山田周生さん、スペシャルトーク」が無事おわりました。一夜明けて片付けも終わりいつものカフェの静けさに戻っていますが、私自身は昨夜色々話してくださった山田さんと熱心に聞いて下さったお客様との中で生まれた素晴らしい雰囲気に満ち足りた幸福感を味わい、皆様に感謝の気持ちで一杯で未だふわふわと夢見心地でおります。それにしても山田さんのお話には今回も名言がたくさんありました。「問題がある時、目の前に答えがある」「未来のシナリオはあなたの中にある」「歩く(進む)と道ができる」「人を変えることは難しいが自分を変えることは可能」「小さいサイクルで自信をつけると大きいのもできる」etc.すべて山田さん自身の体験から出てくる言葉で説得力があり多くの方が力づけられたのではないでしょうか。質問すればするほどこちらの眼が全開するほど驚くような山田さんの体験ですが「好きなことにはストレスは感じません」とおっしゃっるように私も自分なりに好きなことをしていければと思います。Our event "Yamada Shusei Special Talk" is over. The next morning, after cleaning up everything, the cafe got back to the usual calm situation, but it is a little bit hard for me to get back to normal. I am still excited from the atmosphere which was created by Mr. Yamada who gave a wonderful talk and the audience who listened to his talk with attention. I am really grateful for Mr. Yamada and all our guests who came to this event. Anyway, there were many remarkable phrases in his talk such as "when you have a problem, you can find the answer just in front of you,'' "your future scenario is inside of you"," When you step forward, the path will be created", "it is difficult to make changes in other people, but it is possible to change yourself" and " If you are able to manage and get confidence about familiar things, you will become capable in managing much larger things", etc. All of these sayings are so powerful and convincing because Mr. Yamada actually experienced various incredible things in the past. Many audience members must have been encouraged by him. The more I ask questions, the more I'm surprised because they are all unbelievable experiences. As he said, when you do your favorite things, you don't feel stressed, so I will choose to do my own favorite things.

冒険家でフォトジャーナリスト、バイオディーゼルの車で地球一周し、東北の大震災以後は釜石を拠点に被災地支援をしながら自然エネルギーを使って地域作りの活動を続けメッセージを発信している山田周生さんが、今年もBDF車の車検のために滋賀に来られます。去年に引き続き今回も多賀あさひやで話をしてくださいます。冒険、旅、事故、体内記憶、UFO!?、被災地、エネルギーの自給自足,etc.山田さんの驚くべき体験を写真を見ながら皆さんでお聞きしましょう。貴重な機会です。是非お出でください!場所に限りがありますので予約をお願いします。An adventurer and photojournalist, Shusei Yamada who made his way around the world with his biodiesel car will visit Shiga this year for the maintenance and inspection of his car. He has been supporting the reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake based in Kamaishi in Iwate, and will give a talk on Jan.30 (Thu) 6pm. at my cafe " Taga Asahiya" about his amazing experiences. I hope many people will come!


9日(土曜日)は多賀あさひや始まって以来の沸きに沸いた賑やかで楽しいRone & Gigiのクラウンショーで、10日(日曜日)はRoneこと高野呂音さんによる「怒りのコントロールと笑顔のコミュニケーション」の講座でした。 前々日に多賀入りしたロネとジージはまずは絵馬通りを歩いて多賀の人たちへご挨拶。先日、朝日新聞でクラウンショーの案内が写真付きで掲載されたので、町のおじさん、おばさん達が新聞で見たよ!と言って喜んでくださったそうです。二人は多賀大社にも。七五三詣りの家族連れは突然のクラウンたちの出現に胸が弾んだことでしょう。9日のクラウンショーは子供達の元気な声と飛び入りで舞台に上がったお客様達のおかげで盛り上がりました。プロとしてクラウン歴30年のロネとジージ、二人のステージは流石です。クラウンがよく分からないまま観に来て下さったお客様も彼らのこと少し分かって下さったのではと思います。翌日の講座は怒りについてとコミュニケーション術をロネさんの落ち着いた温かい語り口で勉強しました。腹を立てて怒っていると体によくないそうです。笑って過ごせる時間が毎日あるといいですね。Last Saturday, on Nov. 9th, we held Rone & Gigi 's Clown Show which was the most lively, funny time since Taga Asahiya opened. The next day, on Nov. 10th, there was a lecture of "Anger Management and communication with a smile" by Ms. Rone Takano ("Rone" in the clown duo). Two days before their performance, Rone & Gigi came to Taga and the following day they walked along the main street to greet people in Taga. Since they were on the Asahi Newspaper with their photo, upon greeting senior people, they were met with exclamations of " I know about you!". Rone & Gigi went to Taga Taisha, too. There were many families who visited the shrine with their seven, five or three-year-old children to celebrate their growth and well-being. They must have been excited by the appearance of the two clowns at the shrine. The Clown Show was really lively and we thank the kids and audience who joined in the show. Rone & Gigi have 30 years of experience as a professional clown duo and their performance was really great. I think many people who didn't know what a clown was got to know about it. Rone gave a lecture which was about anger management and the technique of good communication. Since Rone's talk was calm and warm, the lecture was really convincing. According to the talk, losing temper is the cause of losing one's health. I wish people have the time to laugh or smile at least once a day. 

9月24日(火曜日) 2019

新しいイベントのお知らせです。 11月9日(土)にクラウンショーを多賀あさひやで行ないます。クラウンとは道化師のことです。 11月10日(日)はクラウンの一人、高野呂音(ろね)さんによる「怒りのコントロールと笑いのコミュニケーション」の講座があります。クラウンは日本人にはあまり馴染みがないかもしれませんが、西欧では歴史が古く人々の暮らしにはなくてはならない存在でした。今回のクラウンはRone & Gigi (ロネとジージ)という二人組で過去に世界のクラウンコンクールで優勝したり上位受賞をしている実力派です。大人も子供も大笑いできるクラウンショーを是非お楽しみください。 また、翌日は「怒りのコントロールと笑いのコミュニケーション」についての講座です。アメリカのクラウン大学で勉強し、日本アンガーマネジメント協会の役員としても様々な場所で活躍する高野呂音さんの講座は定評があります。教育、介護、家庭でストレスを抱えている人には役に立つと思います。簡単な実技を取り入れた講義とアンガーマネジメントの入門講座ですが、参加者の状況をみて若干調整もあるようです。イベントについて質問等ある方はどうぞご遠慮なく電話(0749-48-0186)またはEメール(taga.asahiya@gmail.com)へお寄せ下さい。I would like to announce a new event at Taga Asahiya. Clown show " The Big Ears Show" will be held on Nov. 9th (Saturday) and a lecture about "Anger management and communication with smile " by Rone Takano who is one of the clowns of "Rone & Gigi" will be held on the following day, Nov. 10th. Clown was not introduced when Opera, Ballet and other aspects of Western culture came into Japan during the Meiji period, so it might still not be familiar to Japanese people now. This Japanese clown duo "Rone & Gigi" won in the international clown contest in 2002 and got brilliant awards the following two years. I will guarantee that both adults and kids will enjoy their show. There is a lecture about "Anger management and communication with smile" by Rone on the following day. She learned about it at Clown College in the US and gave lectures as a facilitator of Anger Management Association in Japan. It will be helpful for people who experience stress in the education field, care for the aged, or in their family. It will be a lecture including practical skills and information about anger management but it might be adjusted depending on the participants. If you have any questions, please call 0749-48-0186 or email to taga.asahiya@gmail.com.

今年も布谷史人(ぬのやふみと)さんを迎えてマリンバコンサートを開くことができました。13時半と17時半の二回公演。大勢のお客様がお見えでしたが、半分ぐらいは初めての方でした。新聞などのメディアを通してコンサートをお知りになったのでしょうか。ありがたい限りです。今年のプログラムはどちらかと言えば日本人に馴染みのある曲が多く選ばれました。マリンバを教えている人が言っていましたが、マリンバは(マレットと呼ばれるバチで木の鍵盤を叩くのですから)「点」で演奏されます。皆、同じように何本かのマレットを巧みに操って演奏するのですが、何故布谷さんの演奏がこんなにも人の心を捉えて離さないのでしょうか。もちろん技法や練習量に他との差が歴然と出るのですが、一番は布谷さんの音楽の創り方が見事で美しいからなのでしょう。イギリスのBBC Music Magazineで最高点の講評を得たConcertos on Marimba(マリンバのための協奏曲集)という新しいCDを聴きました。ソロでは聴けないマリンバの表情が出ていて素晴らしいの一言です。Fumito Nunoya Marimba concert was held this year, too. We had two performances(1:30pm~, 5:30pm~) with a full audience, of which half were people who were seeing his performance for the first time. They probably found out about this concert by radio and newspaper. I really thank them for coming. Many familiar music to Japanese people were chosen in the program of this year. One of the marimbists said that marimba is played with dots (because they hit wooden keyboard with stick called mallet). All of marimbists play music holding several mallets which looks amazing anyway, but why is it that Mr. Nunoya's play captures the heart of people? Of course it is because of the difference of his technique and amount of practice time from others but the important reason is because of his music. Mr. Nunoya creates his music with wonderful phrasing and it is so beautiful. I listened to his new CD "Concertos on Marimba" which got highest points by critics in "BBC Music Magazine" in UK. It is terrific! One can not help but be amazed by his expression of marimba with the orchestra which is different from solo concert.

大倉正之助氏(大鼓)、一噌幸弘氏(笛)による「神秘の世界、能 優美なる調べ」の演奏会が昨日100人を越えるお客様を迎えて「多賀あさひや」にて行なわれました。両先生方には前日に多賀入りしていただき、当日午前に多賀大社への参拝も済ませ、当地の空気を感じていただいた中での演奏会でした。蔵から静かに鼓と笛の音が聞こえてくるという始まりで、間もなく二人の奏者が座敷の赤い毛氈の上にお立ちになりました。実は椅子を用意しておいたのですが、後ろのお客様が見えないでしょうとおっしゃって90分間立っての演奏となりました。大鼓と笛を立って演奏することがどれほど大変なことか想像できるのですが先生がたの躊躇のない判断にまず驚かされました。神聖な三番叟が始まり、大鼓と笛の気迫に満ちた演奏に観客の皆が圧倒され息をこらして聴き入りその姿に見入りました。一番終った後、大倉先生がマイクを手になさいましたが息が切れていて、その熱気と集中度がどれほどであったかよく分かりました。一方、笛の 一噌先生の能管の空気を切るような鋭さにも圧倒されました。この緊迫感が演奏が終るとすっと解れ、大倉先生のお話と一噌先生の冗談まじりの愉快なお話に演奏者と観客の距離がグッと近づくのが分かりました。一噌先生は和洋を問わず様々な笛を信じられないほど巧みな技量で演奏して下さり、皆「えっ?うっそでしょ!」という感じで唖然としてしまいました。お能をよく知る方は、普段はシテを中心に見てしまうが、今回のように大鼓と笛の調べで能が表現されるのを耳から聴いて、舞台のシテの舞が目の前に広がって素晴らしい感動を受けたと印象を話してくださいました。能という日本の伝統芸能の中にいて、その神髄をあくまでも大切に更に深めつつ、同時に鼓の可能性に向かって果敢に挑戦していく。これはどれほど力の要る事かと思います。滋賀県の小さな古民家から流れ漏れていく大倉先生の大鼓と一噌先生の笛の調べ。この波動は力強くそして確かに目指す方向に向かうと信じます。A concert event " Mysterious World, Noh. Graceful Music by Shonosuke Okura and Yukihiro Isso" was held at Taga Asahiya on June 1st with an audience of 103 people. Performers came to Taga one day before the performance and they visited Taga Taisha in the morning of June 1st. It seemed that they were perfectly ready to have their performance in Taga. As the introduction, audience only heard the sound of Fue (Japanese flute) and Kotsuzumi (small hand drum) and it was from Kura (warehouse : dark right room of the cafe). Then two performers appeared on the red carpet in front of the audience. They both played instruments while standing. Actually I prepared chairs for them but they didn't use them because the audience could not see them if they sat on chairs. I could easily imagine how hard it must be to play their instruments without sitting but they both kept standing and played for about 100 min. I was surprised at their decision to do so. The program started with Sanbaso (the third Okina in Sanbaso Play). It was so powerful and overwhelming. When they ended their playing and Mr. Okura took the microphone, he was out of breath and couldn't speak easily. We all knew how much energy and concentration he put in to his playing. We were also overwhelmed by Mr. Isso 's flute whose sound was so sharp like cutting air. However, once they finished playing, the tension was relieved and Mr. Okura explained about instruments. Mr. Isso demonstrated his various kinds of flutes with incredible technique. We enjoyed their talk and were able to relax. One of my friends who is a specialist of noh theatre said to me that usually she mainly looks at the dancer on the stage, but this time she could concentrate on listening to the sound of the instrument, then in her mind the dancer danced more clearly. She was so impressed by Mr. Okura's big hand drum. Mr. Okura was born in the head family of Noh drums. He keeps the spirit of noh and at the same time he is expanding the possibilities of noh drum. I guess it is so hard for him to do so in such a traditional and conservative world as noh. The sounds of Mr. Okura's big hand drum and Mr. Isso's flute flew out from my small Japanese house and I believe the sound waves must certainly be headed for where they wish. 

 All photos below were taken by HORITA CAMERA. 

4月28日 2019年(日曜日) 

6月1日(土曜日)に能楽師、大倉流大鼓の大倉正之助氏<https://sho-okura.com/>をお迎えして当店、多賀あさひやにて公演会を開くことは既にお伝えしていますが、加えて一噌流笛方の一噌幸弘氏<http://issoyukihiro.com/>にも来ていただくことになりました。 一噌幸弘氏も正之助先生と同様に伝統的な能楽の囃子方として演奏なさるほかにソロでの演奏、また作曲家としても大変活躍していらっしゃる笛の名手です。正之助先生の紹介でお忙しい中ご都合をつけて多賀までお出でいただけることになりました。素晴らしいお二人の演奏を「多賀あさひや」で聴かせていただけるとは夢を見ているような心地で興奮いたします。こんな機会は恐らく東京でもないと思います。 大変貴重な大鼓と笛の共演です。是非、皆様ご都合をつけてお出で下さい!I already announced the Ohtsuzumi (Large hand drum) concert by Shonosuke Okura on June 1st (Sat) <https://sho-okura.com/>. Today, I would like to add one more great artist who will join the concert. Yukihiro Isso is a flutist of Noh and he also actively plays as a solo performer and composes music <http://issoyukihiro.com/>. I am so proud to have two great international performers in my cafe at Taga and excited to watch their performance. I guess that it is rare to see them both on the same stage even in Tokyo. I strongly recommend you to come to the concert by all means.

2月22日 2019年(金曜日) 
風野工房の染飾布展が始まりました。 古民家の我が家が野田浩二さんの染飾布で華やかに彩られ、それでいて 不思議な落ち着きを保っています。床の間も廊下も普段とは違った 和モダンなしつらえになり、気分最高です。展示品は全てお買い求め いただけます。どうぞお越し下さい。The dyeing textile exhibition by Kaze no Kobo has just started at my cafe today. Beautiful dyeing textiles by artist, Koji Noda are on display at my Japanese house. The textiles are brilliant but at the same time they maintain a sense of composure. The alcove and hallway are decorated in modern Wafu (modern Japanese style) which make these areas of the house looks very different from usual. The new look makes me very happy. You are able to purchase the textile pieces if you would like to. Hope many people will come and enjoy the exhibition.

30日午後6時から山田周生さんに講演をしていただきました。 急なお知らせでしたが、30名ほどの方がお集まりくださいました。 お出で下さった皆様、ありがとうございました。 講演は、まず山田さんの現在の活動拠点である岩手県釜石市橋野町のエコハウスの位置、回りの環境、活動内容から始まりました。2011年3月11日に東日本大震災があり、これによって山田さんは大きな方向転換をなさいましたが、それまでの道のりを(20代から始まったとてつもない冒険旅行の数々を)素晴らしい写真を巧みな画像技術で見せながら話してくださいました。また、何十回と見てきた壮大な地球の自然が今、急速にその姿を変えていることも山田さんが撮った写真で私達は知る事ができ、この危機的状況に私達がどう対処すべきかそこに大きな問題提起がありました。太陽光や風力などを使って自力で持続する工夫をエコハウスが実践している紹介も力強いものでしたが、山田さん自身の人間としてのあらゆる能力の高さに皆は衝撃を受けました。しかしそれは比較して我が身を落胆させるものではなく、私達も何かしなければと奮起させるものであったことが今回の講演の素晴らしさだったと思います。It was a lucky chance to have a talk by Mr. Shusei Yamada on the 30th at 6pm at my cafe. Despite the short notice, 30 people came. I would like to thank them for coming. He started his presentation showing the location of Echo House at Kamaishi in Iwate where his activities are based and the surrounding environment, as well as explaining the activities themselves. March 11, 2011 ( the Great East Japan Earthquake) was a big turning point for him. He talked about his adventures up until then, showing beautiful photos with amazing animations on a powerpoint. He saw magnificent natural landscapes dozens of times but we are now faced with a crisis, and he showed photos which were taken by himself as evidence of the seriousness of the situation. It is important to ask ourselves what we can do. It was great that he introduced us to devices of sustainable energy such as solar power, wind power generation at his Echo House, but we received a particularly strong impact in knowing his high level of physical and mental strength in various situations, both during his adventures and during his time in Echo House. It's great that we were inspired by what he is doing now and what he will do in the future. In the same way, maybe we can take action in the things that we feel passionate about. 

photo by Y. Yanagisawa

9月5日 2018年(水曜日) 
台風21号は凄まじい雨風で恐怖を覚えるほどでしたが、どうにか私のところは何事もなく通り過ぎていきました。それにしても、日曜日(9月2日2018年)のマリンバコンサートが台風と重ならなくてよかったです。 今年も布谷史人さんが大きなマリンバと共にやってきて下さいました。 去年は90人ちかくの人でお客様に窮屈な思いをさせてしまった為、今回は二度に分けての演奏会でしたが、それでもどちらも70人を越えるお客様で大盛況でした。去年にくらべ、マリンバ経験者が遠くは東京からその他県外からも多数お見えくださいました。国際的に活躍する布谷さんの日本での注目度が上がっている現象でしょう。素晴らしい演奏が間近で見られることに加えて、音楽ホールでは滅多にない布谷さんの話しが何とも魅力だと皆さんおっしゃっていました。 二度目の方、初めての方、それぞれが満ち足りたひとときを過ごされたに違いありません。あの神業とも思える何本ものマレットの動き、リズム感、躍動感、真綿のように軽くそれでいて深く繊細なピアニシモの響き、すべてが布谷さんの表現する世界であり、布谷さんの存在であることに感動します。これからどんな展開があるのでしょうか。日々の練習と磨かれた感性と音楽に真摯に向き合う布谷さんの誠実さにその答えが見えるようです。 Typhoon No.21 was extremely strong which made me fearful, but fortunately it passed without any damage in my house. And yet it was very lucky that the day of the Marimba Concert was just before this big typhoon.  This year Mr. Fumito Nunoya came to Taga Asahiya again with a big instrument, his marimba. Last year we had almost 90 people in the audience for the concert and I felt bad because they felt cramped in a confined space. Mr. Nunoya kindly offered two concerts in a day this time so the audience could feel more relaxed. 70 people came to each concert and both of them ended extremely successfully. This time many people who are learning marimba came to the concert which was different from last year. I guess it is evidence that recognition of the internationally known Mr. Nunoya is rising in Japan, too. Many members of the audience were saying that it was very fortunate to see his playing from a very short distance and to be able to hear him talk during the concert, which is something that occurs rarely at his regular performances in big music halls. Whether it was for the second or the first time coming to his concert here at the café, the audience must have all experienced a wonderful moment. His incredible movement of the mallets which I could hardly believe is humanly possible, jaunty rhythms, vibrant and lively feeling and the pianissimo which is like a soft cotton but deep and sensitive -- all of these are aspects of Mr. Nunoya's world of expression and his musical existence, encompassing his philosophy.  I am very impressed by his playing. I wonder how he is going to develop further? There might be an answer in his daily practice, his polished sensibility and his sincerity toward the music.

5月28日 2018年(月曜日) 
26日(土)の「初夏の風、昼下がりの能」は去年より多くお客様を迎え盛会のうちに終りました。一部では「羽衣」を通して面や装束の紹介、 実際に声を出して謡う体験、また小鼓、笛の表現の説明の後は拍に合わせて声を出して打つ体験、など初心者にはなかなか高度な体験を能楽師の先生がたの指導のもとに皆で行ないました。二部では「羽衣」と「野守(のもり)」の一部を観世流シテ方能楽師の鵜澤光、鵜澤久、両先生に地謡、小鼓、笛に併せて舞っていただきました。迫力ある緊張感漂う能の世界に引き込まれるひと時でした。"Aternoon Noh in the wind of early summer" event on Saturday the 26th completed successfully with more participants than last year. In Part One of the event, noh masks, costumes and head ornaments were introduced from the play "Hagoromo (Celestial Feather Robe)" , which was followed by hands-on learning of Utai (noh chanting). After that masters of Kotsuzumi (small hand drum) and nohkan (noh flute) spoke about their instruments, and then the audience had a chance to gain hands-on practice in keeping rhythm by hitting the instrument with the chant. In Part Two, two noh actors in Kanze school, Hikaru Uzawa and Hisa Uzawa, danced part of Hagoromo and Nomori, accompanied by noh chant, hand drum and flute. Their dances were so powerful and we were completely drawn into the world of noh which was full of intense and delicate beauty.


5月26日 2018年(土曜日)

2月21日 2018年(水曜日) 
22日(木曜日)から、「多賀あさひや」で風野工房 http://www.t-craft.com/enraian/asahiya2018.html 染色布の展示即売会を開催します。今日はお昼前から野田浩二・公子夫妻が蔵、座敷、居間、離れ、廊下ほぼ全域に美しい作品を次々に展示していかれました。和室や蔵には大胆なデザイン、それでいてしっとりとした色合いの野田さんの染め布が よく似合い、美しく溶け込んでいます。沢山の方に見に来ていただければ嬉しく思います。Beginning tomorrow (Feb. 22) Kaze no kooboo exhibition and sale will take place at my cafe Taga Asahiya. Kooji and Kooko Noda came to the cafe to exhibit their art work nicely in the storehouse, guest room, living room, alcove and hallway areas. Mr. Noda's dyed clothes which are adventurous in their design, yet quiet in their color scheme match well with the Japanese Tatami room and store house. I hope many people will come to see their work at the cafe.


今日は彦根ゴーストツアー http://kuuno.jp/index.html#youkai の一行が多賀大社、本殿脇の先喰台(せんじきだい)を見学した後、昼食と旭堂南海師の講談の場所として「多賀あさひや」にお出でになりました。多賀大社の本殿脇に先喰台と呼ばれる台があり、そこに神様に供えるお米が置いてあります。神事をしている最中にカラスが来て神様の食事を先に食べようとした瞬間に、それまで普通のカラスだったのが先喰烏(せんじきがらす)と呼ばれるカラスになり、それは「何かの前触れ(吉事へ導くミサキ神)」ということになるそうです。多くの神社(愛知の熱田神宮や広島の厳島神社)でも神前へのお供えを先にカラスに食べさせるという神事があるそうですが先喰台があるのは多賀大社だけとのことです。多賀大社に台があるのは見ていましたが、このようなカラスの台だというのは今回初めて知りました。カラスは今では不吉な鳥だと言われていますが、もとはこのように神聖なもので、今でも神社ではこうした神事が行なわれているのですね。皆様には離れで私ども初挑戦の昼食を提供させていただきました。その後、座敷で南海師の講談が始まりました。四谷怪談のお岩さんが伊右衛門の夫になった経緯、惨殺された訳、次に長いなが〜い南総里見八犬伝の一部を聴かせて下さいました。南海師のよどみない講談は見事としか言い様がありません。Today, a group of "Hikone ghost tour" visited Taga Shrine as one of the spots of "Senjikidai" which is a sacred table where a sacred crow stops. According to the brochure of the tour, if the crow which is usually a common one comes to the table and tries to eat the offering rice for the God during a Shinto ritual, it turns into a special crow called Senjiki-garasu as a prophet to lead fortune. After Taga Shrine, the group came to the cafe to eat their lunch. This was the first time for me to serve lunch for guests at my cafe. Then they listened to professional storytelling of traditional Japanese tales by Mr. Kyokudoo Nankai.

2月10日( 土曜日) 2018年
木曜日に「味噌作り」をしました。材料は糀(2kg)、大豆(1,5kg)、塩(800g)板粕。大豆を前日までに柔らかく煮て、それを再び熱くした後、ザルに上げ、潰し、塩糀を入れてよく混ぜ、団子にして、アメ(ゆで汁)で洗った容器に投げ入れ、隙間のないように詰めて平になった上面に板粕を敷き詰め蓋をする。朝9時に作業を開始して、11時ごろには終了。地元の西澤さんと大町さんの指導を受けながら、皆さん一生懸命味噌作りを体験しました。米麹が発酵して8ヶ月後(10月頃)には美味しい味噌になるはずです。作業が終ってからコーヒーとお菓子でおしゃべり、それからお昼も食べながらの楽しい半日でした。We practiced making miso at my cafe this Thursday.The ingredients are koji (malted rice)2kg, soybeans 1.5Kg, salt 800g and sake lees. (1) Boil soybeans until you can break it up easily with fingers. (2) Drain the hot water in a colander. (3) Crash soy beans well.(4) Put salted rice malt in and mix it well. (5) Make balls with both hands and throw them into the miso pot which was washed by the broth left over after boiling soybeans. You need to beat the soybean balls hard so no air is inside. We started at 9 am and finished at 11 am. Ms. Nishizawa prepared boiled soybeans for the members and brought the necessary tools to the cafe. Ms. Ohmachi explained the way and showed how to make miso to us. According to them, it will take 8 months to eat it as tasty miso. After the work, we had a happy coffee time and chat together. I also served lunch for them. It was a pleasant morning.


9月4日(月曜日) 2017年
9月3日日曜日、多賀あさひやでマリンバ奏者の布谷史人さん http://www.fumitonunoya.comを迎えてコンサートを開きました。前日の夕方、10個ほどの大きな重い箱が宅配便で届き、翌朝、布谷さん達の手で箱が開けられマリンバの組み立てが始まりました。組み立てられたマリンバの大きいこと!本番前布谷さんのリハーサルの音が絵馬通りに心地よく響いていました。そして開演。お客様は何と90人近く。静かに滑りだした布谷さんのマリンバは時に力強く、時に軽快に、そして時に心が震えるほど温かく、聴く人の心を一気に掴んで離しませんでした。素晴らしいの一言。ありがとう、布谷さん。ありがとう、いらして下さった皆さん!そして、前日から設営を手伝ってくさった皆さん、ありがとう!On Sep. 3rd, we had a marimba concert featuring internationally known marimbist, Mr. Fumito Nunoya. The day before the concert, about 10 big and heavy boxes arrived at my house and the next morning Mr. Nunoya and Drs. Fukui who are his strong supporters, opened them and assembled the marimba. It was a really big installment when I saw the marimba after the pieces were assembled. The sound of marimba as Mr. Nunoya rehearsed could be heard nicely from the street out front. About 90 people gathered for the concert. The concert started with the smooth sound of the marimba and it sometimes became energetic and rough, sometimes it sounded lightly and sometimes it was a really warm sound which was appealing to all of the senses. Mr. Nunoya's marimba was simply wonderful. Thank you Mr. Nunoya. Thank you to the people who came for the concert. And thank you to the amazing people who helped prepare for the concert from the day before.

昨日(6/18)、お能のイベントを行ないました。東京から観世流シテ方能楽師の鵜澤久氏 http://www.uzawahisa.jp/blog/?p=964、同じく観世流シテ方能楽師、鵜澤光氏、また大阪から大倉流小鼓方能楽師の久田舜一郎氏をお迎えし、謡と仕舞と小鼓の気魄に満ちたそれでいて大変和やかで格調高い時間が午後のひととき多賀 あさひやに流れました。記念すべき日を創っていただきましたことを三人の能楽師の先生方には勿論のこと、70名近くのお客様一人一人に、そしてお手伝い下さった人々に、深く感謝いたします。Noh event was held at the cafe yesterday. We had Kanze school Noh master in a a main role, Hisa Uzawa from Tokyo, Hikaru Uzawa from the same Noh school in Tokyo as well who is also a Noh master in a main role, and Okura school small hand drum player, Shunichiro Hisada from Osaka. The Noh chanting, Noh dance and a small hand drum performance was full of spirit. It was also a relaxing and magnificent afternoon at my cafe. I thank these three Noh masters, the nearly 70 guests who came to the cafe and people who helped with the event. They created such a memorable day for the cafe and for me. 

「写真:中村憲一:photo: Kenichi Nakamura」