Sunday, March 7, 2021

今年から毎月第一日曜日は多賀大社と近辺で朝市とイザナミマーケットです。多賀あさひやではイザナミランチをご用意しました。来月は4月4日(日曜日)。献立はこれからですが、まだの方是非お越しください。Morning Market called Asa-Ichi and Izanami Market will be held at Taga Taisha and the area nearby every first Sunday of the month from this year. We,Taga Asahiya, served Izanami Lunch as I explained in my previous blog. Next Izanami Lunch will be served on Sunday April fourth although the menu will be changed. If you haven't tried this special lunch yet, we welcome you !