Friday, March 12, 2021

 今年も11月に多賀あさひやで公演と講座を予定しているクラウン・Rone & Gigiですが、プロとして30年間クラウンの世界で生きてきた彼らにもコロナ禍の打撃はやはり大きすぎるようです。Rone & Gigiが届けてくれる笑いと日頃の訓練とステージにかける情熱が絶えることがないよう応援します。 皆様のお力をお借りできればありがたいです。We are expecting a performance and lecture of Clown Rone & Gigi at Taga Asahiya in November 2021, same as last year and the year before last year. They have had a 30 year career as professional clowns, but the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic is too much on them as well as other performers. I would like to support them to continue the laughter they create and send to us, and support their passion for their creative performances and wish not to cut their training time. I would appreciate your support for them.