Friday, March 26, 2021




    I like Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) very much but as a matter of fact, I have been eating soba without much knowledge of soba and consciousness about the taste. I, who is of such elastic nature, received handmade soba which was made from only buckwheat flour. In the past, I sometimes ordered 100% buckwheat soba in the noodle shop, but I had to choose another soba which was mixed with flour because 100% soba was sold out, so I was very happy with Mr. K.T's gift.

    Mr. T has been making handmade soba for years and he also has been teaching making soba. Among the students, several people became professional soba makers and opened soba-ya (noodle shop). He told me the kind of buckwheat flour when I received it although I already forgot, but I tried to boil the soba following the instructions which he handed to me with the soba noodle.

    The noodles were placed neatly in the case. Since these handmade 100% soba noodles are very delicate compared to dry soba which I usually buy at a supermarket and contain lots of flour, I treated them carefully when I put them into boiled water and made them cool in the cold water followed by the instructions. Well, I have never tasted soba in such a careful manner before. I appreciated soba's subtle smell, taste and texture. The soba water which was left in the pot after boiling, was also very good!