Tuesday, March 23, 2021




    I heard that people say "SAKURA MORI" is a person who researches sakura across the country, saves them and raises new species. There is a small plate which the name, Sano Tohemon, was inscribed in the back and a pretty cherry blossom was drawn in the center and it came with a small box on which Mr. Sano wrote "Small Sakura Plate" by himself. I received this plate from Mr. T who works for Kimono fabrics company in Kyoto and has a close friendship with Mr. Sano.

    When Mr. T came to my cafe, he talked about Mr. Sano and cherry blossom and he also sent more articles which had information related to Mr. Sano or Sakuramori, and painters who draw only Sakura during the Edo period as well. Reading the article, there are several of Mr. Sano's wise sayings. I will introduce a couple of them here. "A Gardener can neither stretch the tree nor stop growing as you want, we just need to adjust them. ..... What we fear is that we forget to live together with nature." "We don't know the period of the tree's lifespan. If it lives a long life, we can appreciate the faded beauty of the tree but it is also important to let it wither beautifully." "It is not that you must treat, but rather watch over the trees. You always need to keep an eye on them." 

    I was very impressed by Mr. Sano's words. And I also felt a warm thought of Mr.T who often visits elder Mr. Sano, and watches Mr. Sano's Cherry trees raised by him. I got to know that Cherry blossoms shine more brightly when they have viewers to appreciate them, and in return those beautiful cherry blossoms cheer people up. It is a really nice season in Japan now.