Wednesday, March 10, 2021

 少し前に高宮駅に展示中の浮世絵を観に行きました。小児科医の藤関義樹先生がご自分の収集を季節に合わせて少しずつ見せてくださっています。今回は「月耕随筆 馬術 曲垣平九郎」と「東京名所四十八景 上野黒門前花見連 一景」の二点で藤関さんの分かりやすい解説が鑑賞の助けになっています。

    A couple of days ago, I went to Takamiya Station to appreciate Ukiyoe which has been exhibited. Pediatrician Dr. Y.Fujiseki is kindly showing a couple of woodblock prints among his collection upon the season. This time, he exhibited two works with his explanations. One is "Equestrian art Magaki Heikuroh by Ogata Gekkoh" and "Forty-eight Famous Views of Tokyo Ueno Kromonmae Hanami-ren ". 
    It is the scene in which the Equestrian master, Magaki Heikuroh who had Shogun's order to bring plum branch at Atagoyama is coming down the mountain with his horse. The explanation says that it is a famous scene from traditional storytelling, "Shusse no Harukoma". The next woodblock print is a scene of a group with the same dark blue kimono and red sash who is going to see the cherry blossoms at Ueno. Why are they opening their umbrellas even though it is not raining? Dr. Fujiseki wrote it is probably because they avoid too much sakura petals which are falling from trees. I was interested in the stall selling something which is in the upper left and the men resting at their rickshaws on both sides of the street. These are similar to the ornaments which are now being exhibited at the alcove of the guest room in my house. There are people who are in western clothing. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of people's lives in the Meiji period (1868-1912) from this Ukiyoe.

馬術 曲垣平九郎

尾形月耕 随筆

東京名所四十八景 上野黒門前花見蓮