Wednesday, March 3, 2021

桃の節句にちなんで読み聞かせは雛祭りに関係した本をと数日前に図書館に行ったのですが資料の点検と整理のために閉館で本が探せず、代わりに前に借りておいた「子ウシをすくった母ウシ」を読みました。相手は巳年うまれの小学1年生。奈良に伝わる話だそうで、原話は「今昔物語」。谷真介氏が子を守る母親の心情を迫力たっぷり書いてくださっていました。夕方のテークアウトのお弁当はお雛様なのでちょっと賑やかにまぜ寿司。最後は慌てたので忘れたものもありましたが楽しくできました。Since it is Dolls Festival, I tried to find a book related to the special day at the library a few days ago, but the library was closed for checking and organizing books, so I decided to read "Mother cow which saved her calf" instead for today's storytelling which I borrowed previously. Listeners were first graders. According to the postscript, it's a folktale in Nara and the original story was from the Tale of Konjaku (Anthology of Tales from the Past) written during the late Heian period (794-1185). It was arranged by Shinsuke Tani and he wrote about a mother's love toward her child with full impact. By the way, I prepared box dinner for take out upon request. I tried to make it happy and bright for this celebration day.