Friday, October 11, 2019

陽射しも吹く風もすっかり秋の気配になりました。大型台風が近づいているのが気になります が、取りあえずは穏やかな一日が過ぎていきます。 いつもお世話になっているH.Nさんが切れてしまったカフェの注文票を大量にコピーして 持ってきてくれたのですが、お土産にこれも大量の菊を運んでくれました。ずいぶん土壌の良い 場所に植わっていたと思われます。台風が来たら倒れてしまうからと大人の胸あたりまである生育の いい枝をきれいに束ねて下さっていました。優しい友の気遣いに感謝するばかりです。たくさん いただいたのであちこちに惜しみなく飾らせていただきました。秋の香りでいっぱいです。I fully feel the autumn season in the sun light and wind. Although I am worried about the big typhoon approaching Japan, anyhow the recent days have been calm and beautiful. Yesterday, Ms. H.N. who is my friend and always helpful, brought a bunch of copies of order sheets I keep in my cafe. She also brought a big bunch of small chrysanthemums. The branches were very tall which reach my chest region when I hold the flowers. I guess they were planted in rich soil. She tied up the long branches neatly and gave them to me saying they will probably fall down when the typhoon hits. I appreciated her thoughtfulness. Since they were so many branches which I couldn't hold at once, I put them in various places in my house. Now my house is filled with the smell of autumn!