Friday, October 11, 2019

小学校の読み聞かせのボランティアを時々していることから、校長先生からお昼の給食を 一緒にどうぞとのお誘いをいただき、本日2年ろ組の教室で子供達と給食をいただきました。 多賀小は母校で私の時も給食はありましたが、昔とはずいぶん様子が違っていました。 それでも給食当番の子供達がエプロンと帽子、マスクをつけて、みんなの器に食べ物を入れて あげる光景は同じで微笑ましく、昔もこんなだったかなあと懐かしく思いました。 多賀小学校の給食はまわりの学校からうらやましがられるほど美味しいと聞いていたので、試食でき たことは幸運でした。今日のメニューは炊き込み御飯、具だくさんのスープ、もやしや鶏肉が入った酢の物、それに牛乳で、評判通りどれも本当に美味しかったです。器がちょっと残念でしたが、私達の時はアルミの器だったので、それよりはよかったです。食事中は子供達の好奇の視線と質問攻めで照れるのと元気な声に圧倒され、久しぶりに賑やかで愉快な経験をしました。Because I have been a reading (story telling) volunteer at Taga Elementary School, the principal invited volunteers to a school-lunch with kids. Today, I went to the school to have lunch with children in the second graders' classroom. It is the same school which I went to, and when I was a kid, the school lunch was already provided, but I found many differences between now and then. Even so, I recall my school days looking at the kids putting on aprons, white hats and masks and serving food into everyone's bowls. I heard the reputation that the school lunch at Taga Elementary School is pretty good, and I was lucky to be invited to the school. The menu of today was rice seasoned with vegetables and meat, clear soup with seafood, tofu and vegetables, vinegar dish with chicken and vegetables, and milk. As predicted from the reputation, all of the food was good although the bowls were made of plastic and they made me feel a little disappointed. But I thought plastic containers are better than aluminum ones which were used at my time. During the lunch, I was a little shy and overwhelmed by the curious gazes of the children and their random questions but it was a lively and pleasant experience which I hadn't had for a long time.