Wednesday, October 23, 2019

道を歩いていると、金木犀の甘い香りがそこはかとなく漂ってきます。立ち止まって「どこに木があるんだろう...?」と辺りをキョロキョロ見回してしまいます。月曜日の朝、多賀小学校へ読み聞かせに行った帰りも、そんなことがありました。秋口から結構長い間、あちこちでこの素敵な香りに出会います。 先週の日曜日(10/20)は年に一度のふるさと楽市で多賀町に住む業者や集落の有志が自慢の商品や特産物を 絵馬通り沿いに仮設にできたテントや特性ブースで販売するイベントがあり、お天気もよく大勢の人で賑わいました。 我が多賀あさひやも、第三日曜のイザナミ市と重なって、餅粉ケーキの店頭販売に加えてイザナミランチ(1373円)も10食限定で提供し大忙しでした。When I am walking outside this season, I can smell fragrant olives in the air. I always stop and look around wondering where the tree is. It happened on the way back home after story reading at Taga Elementary School Monday morning this week, too. For a while since the beginning of autumn, I encounter this sweet and nice fragrance everywhere. Last Sunday (10/20), "Furusato Raku-ichi" was held in Taga. It is organized once a year during this season by the town and people who run shops or people who come from small villages in Taga sell their specialty products at a temporary tent or booth. It was a clear Sunday and the main street was crowded with many people. It was also the same day of IZANAMI-ichi which is held every third Sunday of the month, so we were very busy preparing both Mochiko cake for selling in front of the cafe and ten portions of Izanami lunch. Thank God. It went so well.