Friday, October 18, 2019

台風一過、今日は秋晴れの美しい1日でした。 ご近所から今年も柿をいただきました。 嬉しいことに枝付きの柿の実です。床の間の飾りとしても秋らしくて素敵です。 台風で大変な被害を受けた地域は家を失った方、家へ帰れなかったり後片付けなど で途方に暮れているいる方が大勢いらっしゃることを思うとこんなに穏やかに過ごしていることにいささかの後ろ めたさを感じます。日毎、寒くなっていきます。心細いことでしょう。We had nice autumn weather with clear skies after a heavy typhoon had passed. One of my neighbors kindly gave me persimmons this year, too. I am glad to receive them with branches because they are nice ornament for the alcove in the guest room. While I am appreciating such beautiful autumn days, I feel a little bit uneasy because there are people who lost their houses, can not return to their homes or who are in a quandary about the endless work of cleaning their houses from mud as a result of the previous typhoon. It is getting colder day by day. I am simply praying for them.