Friday, October 18, 2019

実りの秋をいろいろな方が届けてくださいます。今日は栗、柿、ゆず、サツマイモ、レタス、菊菜、かわいいカブを彦根の友人ご夫妻からいただきました。視覚的にも茶、オレンジ、黄緑、赤、緑、白と豊かな収穫の秋を楽しむことができます。全部、自宅の農地で採れたものだそうで、ずいぶん力のある農家さんだなと感心します。Many people brought me crops from their fruitful fall harvest. Today, I received chestnuts, persimmons, Yuzu (citron), sweet potatoes, lettuce, kikuna (crown daisy), baby turnips from my friends who are a couple living in Hikone. Visually we can enjoy the colors of these fruits as well, which is a mix of brown, orange, yellowish green, red, green and white. My friend said that they are all from their farmland. I admire my friends who are really capable farmers.