Friday, September 13, 2019

昨日、小学校の恩師と電話でお話した時に、「明日は中秋の名月よ」と教えていただき、朝から お天気が心配でしたが、暗くなって外に出てみると美しい月が夜空にくっきりと見えました。 お月見の用意はできなかったけど、床の間は芙蓉の掛け軸とすすきで少し秋らしい雰囲気になりました。 静かな夜ですが、庭の虫たちは元気に鳴いています。秋に入った実感がします。それにしても 何日も停電で千葉の方は仕事も生活も大変だろうと思います。Yesterday, when I was talking with my former elementary school teacher over the phone, she told me "tomorrow is the day of harvest moon.". I was worried about the weather today. After dark, when I went outside, I could clearly see a beautiful harvest moon in the sky. Although I could not prepare a special setting for viewing the moon, I put a hanging scroll of Fuyoo (Confederate rose) and Susuki (pampas grass) which both express autumn. It is a quiet night, but the lively singing of insects can be heard from the garden.I really feel it is autumn now. Anyway, I feel sympathy for the people in Chiba who are having a hard time because of the blackout due to the typhoon which happened the other day.