Tuesday, September 10, 2019

朝、小学校の読み聞かせに行って帰り道、表通りの玄関前に祭提灯が下がっているので何だろうと思って、「あっ!」と気付きました。今日は多賀大社の秋の古例祭だったのです。月曜日はカフェの定休日なので予定を立てていたのですが、お祭りなら、やはりカフェは開けなければと思い、大急ぎで家に帰って餅粉ケーキといなり寿司の支度に掛かりました。10時すぎには何とか間に合いほっとしていたら、遠くからドンドンと太鼓の音が聞こえてきました。お渡りを見ようと表に出ると、外は猛暑。厳しい陽射しの中、春の古例大祭に比べるとずっと小規模ですが、馬に乗った馬頭人、お付きの方々の行列が家の前を通って行かれました。先日の布谷さんのコンサートに来てくださった方も何人か行列の中にいらっしゃり、ご挨拶できたのはよかったです。それにしても、せっかくのお祭り、お渡りにもう少し盛り上がりを見せる工夫はないものでしょうか。沿道で行列を見物する方もまばらで、照りつける太陽の下を立派な装束で騎乗していらっしゃる頭人の方や神社の方々、そして汗をふきふき正装で歩いていらっしゃる皆様。せめて見物人がもう少しいるなら張り合いもあるでしょうに。お気の毒という気持ちになったのは私ばかりではないと思います。This morning, on my way back to my home after story-telling at the elementary school, I saw big festival lanterns in front of the entrances of each house. I wondered, "why are these here....", then I realized that today is the annual fall festival at Taga Taisha. Today is Monday and it is a regular closing day, so I had many plans, but I decided to open my cafe because of the special day. I rushed to my home and prepared Mochiko-cake and Inari-zushi. When I was ready for the food just after 10 a.m., the sound of drum was approaching far from the street. It was a signal that the procession of the festival was coming. Compared to the spring festival, the size of the procession was much smaller, but Batonin (Head man of the festival) and Shinto priests riding on horses, people related to Batonin or the festival were passing by my cafe. I found some familiar faces of those who came to the Marimba concert the other day and it was nice that I could greet them. Even so, I thought that we needed a more festive mood on the street. I felt sorry that very few people were watching the procession. People in the procession who were all wearing traditional costumes or formal suits on a very warm day looked so hot and tired. If they had been walking through many spectators, they could get some encouragement and walk proudly. I think it is not only me who feels sorry for them.