Tuesday, September 10, 2019

昨日の多賀大社秋の古例祭は豊年満作を祈願したお祭りと言われています。http://www.tagataisya.or.jp/event/ 境内では農作物の吉凶を 占う「古知古知(こちこち)相撲」も行なわれました。今年の稲は豊作だったのでしょうか。 農家の方が丁寧に育てた稲。収穫の秋です。彦根の友人Kさんがご主人が作られた「こしひかり」を白米にして持ってきて下さいました。スイカをいただいた友人です。「新米はツヤが違うよー!」とKさん。袋から出して眺めると何か神聖な気持ちになる美しいお米です。日本は昔から米の文化であることが誇りに思えます。有り難く頂戴します。The purpose of the fall annual festival at Taga taisha which was held yesterday, was for praying for a good harvest. http://www.tagataisya.or.jp/event In the precincts of the shrine, "Kochi-Kochi-zumoo" was held on this day to know whether there would be good or bad fortune for the harvest of the year. Well, I wonder if we will have good harvest of rice this year. Farmers take very good care to grow their rice and now, it is harvest season. My friend, Ms. K brought the first rice crop of the year "KOSHIHIKARI" which her husband raised. She is the same person who gave me watermelon this summer. She said "New rice is shining differently from old one.". When I opened the rice bag and put the rice on the tray, I looked at them up close. They are so beautiful that they make me feel sacred. I am proud that Japan is a country of rice cultivation since the ancient times. I humbly receive these precious rice with many thanks to Ms. K.