Thursday, September 12, 2019

またまた彦根の友人Kさんの畑からの贈り物です。息子さんが肩にかけた布バッグから取り出したものを見てびっくりしたのなんのって!なが〜いナスが3本。「長ナス」だそうですが、それにしてもこんな細長いナスを見たのは初めてです。40センチありました。そばにいた人たちがそれほど驚かなかったので、あまりの長さにたまげたのは私だけのようです。一緒にいただいたのはきゅうりとゴーヤですが、普通はキュウリのほうがナスより細長いというのが私のこれまでのイメージでした。…が、Kさんちのナスはうなぎ並みの長さです。オクラを買ったので、今日は焼き煮浸しにしていただきました。柔らかくて美味しいおナスでした。Again, I received gifts from my friend, Ms.K who owns a vegetable garden in Hikone. When I saw the things her son took out from his shoulder bag, I was very surprised. They were three very long fresh eggplants. He told me it is "long eggplant". Indeed it was long (40 centimeter /15.75 in) and I have never seen such a long eggplant before. But the other people in the same room didn't show their surprise, so it was only me who was expressing excitement. I received cucumbers and Goya as well. I had always imagined cucumbers to be longer than eggplants up until now, but these eggplants from Ms. K 's vegetable garden are much longer than the cucumbers, and their length are almost like eel! I got okra today, so I made simmered egg plant with okra. It was so good!