Friday, February 10, 2023





    Story-telling at Junior High School this morning was "When a hundred years passed"(Mutsumi Ishii: story, Hiroto Abe: picture). The theme of the book is reincarnation. Since I was wondering if students knew about reincarnation, I wrote the four letter Chinese character on the blackboard in class, then I heard some students were reading the word, and it made me feel relieved a bit. Before I started reading, I said to them that reincarnation is a Buddhist word which means transmigration of souls.

    Souls of Lion and little bird reborn in various lives and things during hundreds years. It is a very calm story and ends with an impressive picture. I felt students concentrated on listening to my reading and I was glad about it. 

    People might think differently about reincarnation, but If we sometimes look at things or people in this way, we feel that everything is very precious and lovely.