Sunday, February 19, 2023


    ボストンにはThe Boston Globe(1872発刊)という新聞があり日曜版は分厚く情報量も多いので日曜版だけ購読している家も多いようです。

    その中にGlobe Magazineという冊子が入っていて面白いコラムがありました。所謂、ブラインドデートというもので予め情報を提供しておくと新聞社が相手を選んでくれて、当人同士がどこかで会ってデートし、自分の気持ちや相手の様子などを報告し、後でABCで相手を評価するものです。



    The Boston Globe (founded in 1872) is the newspaper in Boston and many people subscribe only to the Sunday Globe because it has more information than the daily newspaper. 

    Globe Magazine is a small booklet that comes with the Sunday Globe and I found an interesting column there. It is a column which matches two people together. People who want to find someone as a partner send information with a photo to the Boston Globe beforehand and the newspaper company chooses two people and gives them a chance to meet. Both write the first impression of the other one, describe the appearance and thoughts about it, etc., and evaluate each other.

    This time there were two men who were introduced to one another. One of them is a 24 year old TV associate director, and the other one is a 25 years old Health care project manager. Both introduce themselves such as their hobbies, interests, etc. with their photos. They said their first impression, appearance of the other, and described the other's likable part. In the end, they evaluated each other as A-. According to their report, the place they met was a live music bar and it was not an appropriate place to meet because the music was too loud to hear the other one's voice. It seems that they are not sure what to make of their next date, but both feel not bad about each other.

    Recently various types of couples appear in Japan, too, but I think this column was really American and I enjoyed it very much.