Friday, February 10, 2023


    昨日は中一の教室に行きましたが、今日の読み聞かせは年齢がうんと下がって小学校1年生。これまで好きで何度も読んでいるのですが、やっぱり1年生にはこれを選びました。「ないたあかおに」(浜田広介・作、黒崎義介・絵)です。節分で子供たちは「ふくは~うち、おには~そと!」と言ったばかり。そのおには悪い厄介な鬼ですが、今度はやさしいおにの紹介です。赤おにと青おにの友情の物語。赤おにを思って青おには一人山を出ていきました。残していった手紙の最後に「どこに いようと、かわらない きみの ともだち あおおに」(と書いてありました。) 赤おには、だまって それをよみました。二ども 三ども よみました。とに 手をかけて、かおを おしつけ、しくしくと なみだをながして なきました。


    I went to a Junior High School for storytelling yesterday, and today, I visited the class of first graders in Elementary School. I chose a book titled "NAITA AKA-ONI (Cried Red Demon). A few days ago, on the celebration of Setsubun, kids scattered roasted soybeans to welcome good luck and get rid of bad luck (demons), but this time good demons appear in the book. It is a story of friendship between Red Demon and Blue Demon. Blue Demon left the mountain because he thought it was good for Red Demon. Blue Demon wrote a letter to Red Demon and put it on his entrance door. It said "I am your bosom friend no matter where I go. Blue Demon". Red Demon read the letter again and again quietly and cried with tears putting his hands on the door, pressing his face against the door. 

    Everytime I read the last page, I almost cried by myself with my emotional feelings. Both children and teachers were listening to my reading with attention and after reading, kids gave me an applause which encouraged me very much. When I read the same book next time, I would like to ask them why the Red Demon cried.