Tuesday, February 21, 2023






    I visited Harvard Museum which is not far from my house, because I thought that staying home all the time is not good for me. The museum is located in Harvard campus and I walked around to find the museum. I saw many people were at the entrance area and it was crowded which made me a bit surprised. Soon I realized that Sunday morning is free of charge to the residents of Massachusetts and that's why it was crowded with many family members. The museum is also open to the residents from Wednesday 3pm to 5pm.

    This museum is famous for the exhibition of the Glass Flowers. As I remember, they used to exhibit mostly fern and other leaves but this time they exhibit many plants with flowers. Each one was made extremely detailed and fine and it is hard to believe they are not real. I heard that the technique was born in Germany in order to preserve it before a new technique was invented using some chemicals to preserve the fresh plants.

    I skipped the Meteorites and Gemstones exhibition and went to the Dinosaur and animal section. In fact, I was not very interested in dinosaurs before, but since my town, Taga, got attention from the Akebono elephant (Stegodon aurorae), I became interested in those ancient animals. There are so many exhibitions that a kid who likes dinosaurs must be overjoyed. Mounted animals and birds sections were next to the dinosaurs. They were in a tight glass case and it was an overwhelming feeling because big wild animals such a tiger or elephant were just near you even though they were not alive any more.

    I was thinking of Mr.O who often comes to my cafe because he has so much knowledge about animals and insects and if he were there, he would explain very well about those animals.