Thursday, February 16, 2023






    I have not been on a long flight to Boston since half a year ago. Narita Airport which was almost empty like a ghost town because most counters were closing due to Covid-19 has changed to a normal lively airport.

    Passengers lined up at the gate having boarding passes and passports. I noticed that Japanese passengers with red passports were very few and 90% of them seemed American and from other Asian countries because they had dark blue or brownish passports.

    My seat was a window seat and someone took the next seat originally, but one of the cabin attendants who looked experienced kindly arranged to take the rear empty seat for me before I took the seat. I had a nostalgic feeling to see a male cabin attendant because it is rare in the case of JAL nowadays although there used to be a few when I was working. There was another cabin attendant who talked to me friendly. She was also experienced and had a career of more than thirty years. When I was working as a cabin attendant several decades ago, most of my colleagues quit their work due to lower back pain or marriage but now many female cabin attendants keep working powerfully like two women whom I met in the cabin. Although their work environment and conditions have changed a lot since the time I was there, I can easily guess how hard it is for them to keep working, have a family, and raise kids with healthy physical condition.

    I had a pleasant flight because of their thoughtful care. Well, I am in Boston now and happy with the mild weather which I was expecting to be much colder.