Saturday, February 4, 2023





    The Bean-Scattering called Setsubun is held the day before the beginning of Spring、 and it is for driving away evil and bringing in good luck for the new year. At Taga Taisha, Toshi-Otoko and Onna (men and women who were born in the same zodiac year and become 60 years old) did annual Mame-maki (scattered roast soybeans) in a special costume. However, usually spectators receive the soybeans from Toshi-Otoko and Onna, but according to the guest who came to my cafe, they received lucky beans and rice cake in a bag from the people in Shrine. This was because of protection from covid-19. I felt it was a little strange. 

    Yesterday I went to the shrine to get an amulet for warding off evil and put it over the entrance door. Even though I grew up near the shrine, I didn't know about it until Mr. N who used to be a head of the shrine, let me know. The yellowish red is the special color for warding off evil. 

    When I was a child, my elder brothers were scattering beans saying " Come in good luck! Go away evil!" on Setsubun night. I feel like I hear their voices in the house.