Thursday, December 30, 2021






    Today is almost the end of the year, and my friend, H, came to arrange flowers for the new year with her husband. On her way back home, she kindly offered to give a ride to the grocery store in Minami-Hikone by car. After the grocery store, I was waiting for the bus to get home at the bus stop for about 30 mins but no bus came. The next bus was scheduled to come two hours later and it was uncertain to come due to the traffic condition caused by the previous snow. I decided to go home by foot.

    I had several problems, though. The first one was my backpack. It was very heavy with groceries. The second one was about the way I walk. Usually I take the sidewalk by bicycle but it was full of snow. The last problem was my right toe hurts because my right rain boots don't fit well. Fortunately it was a fine day and the mountains were so beautiful but I couldn't enjoy the view because my backpack was so heavy and it dug into my shoulder which made me look down on my way.

    I was thinking of the people who were walking in the same way two hundred years ago in Japan. Since there was a convenience store, I took a short break to have coffee and Pork bun. While I was walking, I could hear some noise but it made a certain rhythm inside my backpack which was full of groceries.

    I found benches at Taga Taisha station so I took a second break. I was watching three young male people playing with snow. It looked so pleasant. My backpack was very heavy, especially after taking a break. I scaled it at home and it weighed almost 9 kg (19.8 lb).