Wednesday, December 22, 2021





    Since I was appointed to be a member of the board of trustees at Taga Junior High School, I went to the school to eat School Lunch and followed by class visits in several classrooms with other members. Although I graduated from the same school, it was relocated from the original place and School Lunch was not provided when I was a student, so there are many differences from then and now, but the students are all from the Taga area and I felt very close to them.

    The School Lunch at the Elementary School is made in the school but in contrast the lunch in Junior High is made by a lunch service provider and brought from outside the school, so I didn't expect much. However, the meal was not bad. Warm rice came with hot vegetable soup and they tasted good. Students can take the bowl of rice among three different amounts (large, medium and small portions). As for the main dish, on this day, there are two choices, meatballs or hamburg steak. Personally, I was ok with this meal and amount but I wondered if it might be not enough for the male students who are in the middle of growing up. Due to avoiding too many students in the lunchroom because of coronavirus, the first twenty minutes are reserved for senior students and the next twenty minutes is for junior students.

    Well, after lunch, we visited several classrooms to observe Math, English, Social studies and Music class. Most teachers were using smartboard (?) to teach their subject and only one teacher wrote on a blackboard with chalk. It was interesting that each class had a different atmosphere and students' reaction depending on the teacher's method and nature. I was glad to see that there were some interactions between teacher and students and the students in the classroom were acting. The students in the classroom were not acting in a passive way. However, they were mostly talking to their teacher in a very casual manner which surprised me. I cannot judge whether it is good or bad but it is very different from my school days.