Monday, December 27, 2021




    Despite my wish not to get very much snow, an awful amount of snow accumulated this morning. There is a snow melting device on the road and the water spouts out on and off to melt the snow but it doesn't work very well with this amount of snow. Heavy snow remains at the center and both sides of the street and only the part where cars pass has no snow. While I was shoveling the snow on the street in the morning, many commuters were passing by with snow boots and I found that many of them were carrying short shovels with their hands. Probably because they felt they might need to eliminate snow by themselves as they passed through and I was impressed by their idea.

    Well, I am very much worried about the snow on the roof. The roof tiles are very old and they are slipping down year by year. I was consulting with a local roofer. At first, they expected to fix the roof in Dec. but later for some reason, it was postponed to February. I am hoping that this heavy snow will not damage the roof.

    I am also afraid that this snow will remain for new year and many people might give up on visiting the shrine.