Monday, December 6, 2021



    It was a fine first Sunday of December and I guess many people visited Taga shrine. The menu of Izanami Lunch (special lunch for the first Sunday of the month) was the following; Spinach salad dressed with tofu, white sesame and miso, Marinated with fried vegetables, Beef wrapped around boiled local burdock root, Carrot namul, Boiled fried-tofu pouch containing egg, Tomato compote, Boiled mackerel with curry, Gingko nut mixed rice and Miso soup with a sake lees. I appreciated the guests who ordered this special lunch.

    By the way, a concert of guitar and vocals by Tsuyoshi Kitagawa (resident in Taga) was held at my cafe from 4 to 6 pm. Audience listened to his beautiful voice with rapt attention and sometimes they beat time with their hands. It was a warm and very nice concert.