Friday, December 3, 2021




イザナミランチ(+お汁)+コーヒー 1600円
イザナミランチ(+お汁)+コーヒー+もち粉ケーキ 1700円
お持ち帰り(汁なし) 1000円
白玉クリームあんみつ 750円

    The wind is getting colder day by day and we are in the final month of the year. I feel that the time is passing so rapidly. Sunday morning market at Taga shrine will be held this coming Sunday, Dec.5th. Although Izanami Market is cancelled, Taga Asahiya will serve a special lunch as Izanami Lunch, so please call us beforehand if you would like to. (0749-48-0186)

    There is another good news: there is a concert on the same day, 4pm-6pm, Dec. 5 at my cafe. Mr. Tsuyoshi Kitagawa will sing with a guitar. His voice is so beautiful and I am sure you will listen attentively to his music. His fans and people who will listen to his playing are all welcome to his concert. It's free of charge but you will be served Mochiko cake and coffee for 500 yen upon your request. (usually 550 yen.)