Thursday, November 25, 2021


    えっ、こんなに受ける?!と思うぐらい今朝の読み聞かせは大盛り上がりでした。一年い組、久々に入る小学低学年の教室。富山房、はせみつこ編「しゃべる詞あそぶ詩きこえる詩」と「みえる詩あそぶ詩きこえる詩」から数編をこのところ中学生にも読んでいます。子供たちには「おかしかったら笑ってね」と言って藤富保男の「はやく」から始めると1、2行目からあちこちで笑い声が、次の中江俊夫の「たべたくないな」では読んでいるのが聞こえないのではないかと思うぐらい皆んながゲラゲラ笑っています。尊敬する大好きな故波瀬満子さんにはとても及ばないけど、子供達は確かに詩を聴いて受け取って反応してくれていました。本のあとがきの最後に波瀬さんが書いています。「たくさんの人と人とをつないでくれる ことばたち ありがとう」。子供達の元気な声に励まされた朝の始まりでした。

    It was an exciting and memorable time reading aloud in the morning yesterday. I was in the first grade classroom where I visited after a long time, and read several short poems from two books which Mitsuko Hase chose. I am also reading those poems for the Junior High School students, too. Just before starting, I said to the kids not to hesitate to laugh if you feel it is funny. When I started the poem "Hurry up!" by Yasuo Fujitomi and within only one or two lines, I could hear laughing voices from a couple of the kids. In the next poem "I don't want to eat!" by Toshio Nakae, the classroom was filled with giggling even though I wondered if my voice didn't reach them. They seemed to enjoy the poem very much. Although my reading was not perfect, children listened to my readings and felt something, then reacted in their own way. Mitsuko Hase wrote an afterword and concluded "Thanks to WORDS which connect many people." I was very much encouraged by the cheerful voices from the children at the beginning of the day.