Monday, November 22, 2021



    It began to rain in earnest in the afternoon and I started to give up going to the grocery store by bicycle because of the weather. I received a delivery packet. Big apples were in and the sender was Mr. S.Y from Iwate. What a surprise! I gave one to Ms. Sunao Yokota, who is an artist of Sumi-ink painting, who was putting her works away because her exhibition is just over. I also gave another one to Mr. H, who came to appreciate Yokota's paintings just before she put her works in the box. After they left, I enjoyed one of them. I cut it in slices as Clown Gigi recommended to me. Looking at the surface of the slices, I was surprised by the rich honey in the apple. I was very happy with the crispy and sweet apple! I give applause to the apple farmers for producing such a high quality apple. There were several kinds of apples in the box. They all came all the way from Iwate to me and the sweet smell of them fills the room in my house.