Tuesday, November 9, 2021



    Soon after Clown Talk and performances were finished, Bokuga exhibition (Sumi-ink paintings) by Sunao Yokota started at Taga Asahiya. Since 7th was the first Sunday of November, the Morning Market and Izanami Market were held under the clear sky. We served Izanami Lunch for the guests as expected, however, I realized later that three different kinds of potato tubers were on the menu and there was too much starch added to squash and rice. I should have chosen other vegetables.The menu was the following; Simmered squid and taro, Chinese-style fried dish of salmon and potatoes, Stewed diced pork, Tomate compote, Namul of Japanese mustard spinach, Spicy honey butter with sweet potatoes and squash, Cooked rice mixed with daikon and seaweed, and Miso soup. I used homemade miso which was prepared by myself in February. It is a beautiful color and the taste is excellent which made me very happy.