Thursday, December 23, 2021




    Today is the next day of the winter solstice. It was a clear day, so I went for a long walk after a long time, but the temperature in the early morning was so low. At Taga Taisha (shrine), they have already set the place where many visitors will come at the beginning of the new year. I stood outside the board and greeted God as one does at the shrine.

    Mountains which were visible at the west side of Lake Biwa were covered with snow. Ryozen Mountain which crosses over Taga town, Maibara town and Gifu prefecture were also covered in snow lightly and it was so beautiful. I was amazed by this view. At the vegetable vending machine in Kimagure Market, I got tomatoes, rape blossoms and mandarin oranges. My body felt very cold in the beginning of walking, but it got warm on the way back home. I took a vegetable photo, and I added "Taga carrots" which were from Ms. Nishizawa who brought soybeans for Miso making in the end of January,