Saturday, December 18, 2021



    I left Taga for Urawa in Saitama prefecture to see my friend's stage performance in the morning and took Shinkansen (bullet train) Hikari 661 which departed 19:33 at Tokyo Station on the way back to Taga. It was easy and relaxed in the car but in the Toyohashi area the train ran slower because of the strong wind and after around Gifu-hashima it was delayed because of the snow. I was worried about not catching the last local train from Maibara station to Taga but fortunately I could get on the train and arrived at Taga safely. It was snowing and I could see a beautiful snowy night town although I can imagine lots of problems coming up due to the snow. I walked home from the station through the street where I didn't see any people or cars. I warmed up the retort soup which I bought at the hall which I visited.