Thursday, December 16, 2021



    I know that I am not the person to be up to date among many people who use their cell phone as a notebook. I bought a small schedule notebook for 2022 which contains a lot of information about Shiga prefecture and have just started using it. I am able to learn a lot of things about my region from it. Everybody knows that Lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Japan. I knew that the average lifespan of men in Shiga is 81.78 years old and it is the longest in Japan. Shiga is the top of low consumption of liquors. Both shipment value of instant noodles and hemp fabric are top in the country. Expenditure of beef per house is also top in Japan. There is more interesting information in this notebook. I have been using a large notebook from a 100-yen shop ( a dollar shop), so I am afraid that I will get used to writing in small letters which fit the notebook. It is a challenge to me, as I usually write roughly. Hope I will be getting along with this notebook next year.