Friday, February 12, 2021

 昨日は久々の散歩。建国記念日で大安、おまけにお天気にも恵まれて多賀大社は参拝するのに順番待ちの列ができていました。私は遠くからそっとお参りして森の中へ。霊仙(りょうぜん)は白く光を放って美しい!歩いていると風がゴウゴウと耳に当たります。それでも鳥たちの賑やかなさえずりが間近な春を教えてくれました。春の色を探してキョロキョロするも花には少し早く、見つけたのは和名「瑠璃唐草」(別名「星の瞳」とも言うそう)の小さな青紫と田んぼ傍の白梅。さて「きまぐれ市」の自動販売機にはトマトがたくさん入っていました。300円入れてお釣りの50円は中の袋に。つまり5個で250円。少し傷ありでしたが立派な真っ赤っカァのトマトに大満足!Yesterday, I went for a morning walk after a long time. It was a National Foundation Day and the luckiest day in the six-day Buddhist calendar. On top of that, the weather was perfect, so I saw many people visiting Taga shrine and making a line to pray at the shrine. I didn't join the line and went through the woods instead. Ryohzen mountain was white with snow and it was shining beautifully. While I was walking, a strong wind hit my ears making a sound, and even then I could hear many birds singing lively to let me know that spring will come soon. I tried to find colors of spring in the field. It is a bit early to find flowers but I could find tiny bluish purple of nemophila and white plum beside the rice field. Well, when I reached "Kimagure vegetable stand", I found many tomato packs in the vending machine. I put 300 yen into the machine, then 50 yen was stuck to the tomato pack. In short, it was 5 for 250 yen. Although there was slight damage to one of them, I was very happy to get those fresh red tomatoes.