Saturday, July 13, 2019

近所に小さい女の子がいるご家族がいて、そこのお母さんから幼稚園のバザーにうちのもち粉ケーキを 出してほしいと頼まれ、今朝はいつもより早かったけど7時半までにバザー用にケーキを焼きました。若いお母さん達が 買って、ちびちゃんたちが食べてくれるのかな、なんて思いながらパックに分けて入れてお宅まで届けたら、女の子の お母さんの顔がふわっと笑顔になりました。バザーにもち粉ケーキを出したのは初めてです。There is a family who has a little girl near my house. A couple of weeks ago, the mother of the girl asked me to donate Mochiko-cake in my cafe for the bazaar of her daughter's kindergarten. This morning I woke up a little earlier than usual, and baked extra cakes for the bazaar thinking of that young moms will buy my cakes and kids will probably eat them with joy. I put pieces of them in small packs, went to the girl's house and handed them in to the young mom. She looked at me with a big smile. It was the first time for me to donate my cake to the bazaar.