Saturday, July 20, 2019

お客様から京都の祇園祭のお土産をいただきました。厄払いのちまきと立派な鶏の絵がらの手ぬぐい、それから祇園祭のうちわです。 厄払いのちまきは玄関外に飾るそうで、早速、私もカフェの入口上に掛けてみました。滋賀の田舎にいては華やかな「祇園さん」を 見に行くことは滅多にありませんが、京都の風習をまねて果たして京都の人はどう思うでしょうかね。雨が多く蒸し暑い毎日です。 梅雨明けはもうすぐでしょうか。I received souvenirs of Gion Festival in Kyoto from my customer. They are Chimaki (good-luck charm of the festival, Japanese hand towel with printed beautiful chicken design, and paper fan. The customer let me know that I should put Chimaki outside of the front door for protecting against misfortune. There are not many chances for people like me who live in the countryside in Shiga to go to Gion Festival in Kyoto. I put the Chimaki outside of my door, as people in Kyoto do. I wonder what they would think when someone who lives outside Kyoto copies them. It is very humid and rainy these days. I hope this wet season will end soon.