Saturday, July 13, 2019

私が見た昨日の天気予報では今日のお天気は午前は曇りで午後は雨ということで、朝のうちに外に出る予定を 立てていましたが、ベッドの中で既に雨の音。ああ、完全に梅雨のお天気です。 レインジャケットと帽子、それに雨が目に入らないようにとサングラスをかけて自転車で銀行や彦根へ買い物に出かけました。 大きい道路では歩道と車道があって、自転車は白線の外を走るものの、対向のトラックが(普通車でも)ものすごい水しぶきを 上げて通っていきます。左手で運転者にスローダウン!(速度落として!)と合図を送るも見えているのかいないのか 結構なスピード。日本では運転者はもう少し気遣いがほしいものです。According to the weather forecast I saw yesterday, it would be cloudy in the morning and rain in the afternoon, so I had planned to go out to do some errands in the morning, but I heard the sound of rain from my bed in the early morning. It seems we have truly entered the rainy season now. However, I decided to go out to the bank and grocery store in Hikone as planned by bicycle wearing a rain jacket, hat and sunglasses for avoiding rain drops coming into my eyes. The main road is divided into roadways and sidewalks, and I went outside of the white line (which is part of the sidewalks). Trucks (or even standard-sized cars) were coming from the opposite direction were splashing me in the rain. I lowered my left hand which was a sign to ask them to slow down. I didn't know whether the drivers noticed me or not, but most of them didn't pay any attention to me and continued to pass while splashing forcefully. Drivers in Japan should sympathize with people in the sidewalks like me.