Saturday, July 27, 2019

夏日の始まった本日、S.Kさんから目の覚めるようなカサブランカをいただきました。一輪一輪の花の見事なこと!直径が20センチもあります。以前、別の方から白い芍薬をいただき、その柔らかな夢のような白さに驚きましたが、このカサブランカの白さは何と表現すればいいのでしょう。色鮮やかな花に負けない華やかさと強さを感じます。それでいて、和室の床の間にしっかりと納まって、背景の日下部鳴鶴(くさかべめいかく)の書や古い花瓶に調和しています。姿形の見事さと一緒に、香りがまた素晴らしく、部屋いっぱいに広がって、贅沢な気分です。The rainy season has just ended and hot summer days have started. Today, I received white Lilly " Casa Blanca" from Ms. S.K. I measured the diameter of the flower, which is really big and is about 20 cm (7.87 inch). Several months ago, I received white peony from another person and I was amazed by the beauty of the white flower which was dreamy and pure. This Casa Blanca is also white but I feel a different impression. Its gorgeous whiteness is powerful and defeats other colorful flowers. However, these flowers are well-suited to the Japanese alcove. They match well with the hanging scroll by Meikaku Kusakabe and the old flower pot. Casa Blanca has also a wonderful sent as well as beautiful shapes of the flowers. It is a luxurious feeling to be in the guest room.