Saturday, July 13, 2019

友人のH.Nさんが、「今日はガマを持ってきたよ」と言って、顔の高さまであるような長い瑞々しい葉の束と串刺しのような茶色い不思議な 植物と、そして、これまた成長のいい赤い菊を持ってカフェに来て下さいました。「ガマ」って何となく知っていましたが、こうして近くで見るのは初めてです。ネットで見ると、この茶色い部分はガマの穂と呼ばれ、ここがどうやら花らしく、この穂の中は綿が詰まっているそうで昔は火付けに使われたり、乾燥させて火をつけて蚊取り線香の代用品として使われたこともあったとか。艶のある勢いの良い葉と茶色いガマの穂が同じ深い緑の葉の中に散らばったピンクの菊とよく似合い、壷に挿すと引き締った涼しげな床の間になりました。何とも嬉しい贈り物です。Ms.H.N came into my cafe saying "I brought GAMA (Reedmace) today." and gave me a bunch of very long fresh leaves which almost reach my face, with strange shaped brown plants which looked like pierced sausage, and well grown fresh red chrysanthemum. I have known GAMA vaguely, but it was the first time to see them up close. According to the net info, this brown part is called an ear of GAMA and it is a flower of GAMA. It says that it is packed with cotton inside the ear and in the old days people used the cotton when they made fire or used them as a mosquito repellent after drying. These fresh long leaves and brown ears of GAMA match with the pink chrysanthemum flowers scattered in deep dark green leaves, and when I put them in a vase, they become an accent in the alcove and looks nice. I appreciate Ms. H.K 's wonderful gift.