Saturday, April 29, 2017

不思議なお天気の一日でした。午前は曇り。お客様によると神社は午前中お宮参りの家族連れなど結構いらしたようです。それが午後になって急に怪しげな空模様。暗くなって風も吹き始めやがて激しい雨と風そして雷が鳴る暴れ天気。1時間ほど経つと雨は止み明るくなってお陽様も顔を出し夕方は西陽が和室に差していました。雨宿りにお寄り下さったお客様も傘いらずでお発ちになりました。雨上がりの庭はきれいに光っていました。ツツジが咲き始めています。It was strange weather today. According to the customers, in the morning there were many families who came to the shrine to celebrate their newborns. The weather was bit cloudy though. Then in the afternoon, it changed to violent weather with rough wind, rain and thunder. However after about an hour the rain stopped and the sun came out. The evening sunlight poured into the tatami room. Customers who stopped by the cafe during the shower left without having to use an umbrella. The garden after the shower was beautiful. Azalea has begun blooming.