Friday, April 28, 2017

おまつりが終って絵馬通りは穏やかな町並みに戻りました。神社脇の川に添って山吹が新緑と石塀を背景に並んで咲いています。落ち着いた黄色が太田川と小道によく似合って嬉しくなります。森の後ろは水を張った田んぼが急に増えました。すでに田植えが終ったところもあり農家の忙しさが想像できます。Spring festival is over and the street has returned to its usual calm state. Along the stream by the shrine, Japanese roseas are blooming against the backdrop of fresh green and stone fences. I am pleased with the gentle yellow which goes along well with the stream and the path. Behind the woods of the shrine, I could see many rice paddy fields filled with water. Surprisingly some have already been finished with rice planting. The season now begins when farmers get busy.