Sunday, April 9, 2017

あさひやの玄関が春らしく軽やかな雰囲気になりました。緑の鉢植えは「すすらん水仙」というそうです。友達のHさんが家で育てたものをこの季節うちにちょうどいいと言って持って来て下さいました。清々しい緑が風に揺れるだけでとても壮快な気分になりますが、このところの陽気で先のところに白い可憐なすずらんのような花がちょこんと咲き始めました。何と控えめで清楚な花でしょう。隣はテッセンです。一昨日、近所の野菜市に並んでいたのを買い求めました。お茶花だけあって、可憐なすずらん水仙のそばで凛と咲いています。お客様や通りすがりの人が楽しんでくださるでしょう。You might feel the spring at the entrance of our cafe. Two potted plants have appeared in front of the entrance. The green one is from my friend, H from her house. According to her, it is called Suzuran-Suisen (snowflake). The leaves sway lightly with the spring wind and they make me feel refreshed. Since a couple days ago, small tiny white bell shape flowers started blooming at the very top of long stalks. What cute, clean flowers they are! The next pot is Tessen (clematis). I bought it at the vegetable stand near my house the day before yesterday. It is often placed at the alcove in the occasion of a Tea ceremony. I hope the guests and the people who pass by my cafe enjoy them.