Tuesday, April 11, 2017

多賀大社の桜が満開です。昨日の朝、久しぶりに神社へ行ってみました。桜があちこちで美しく咲いていました。古木の立派な桜の枝は支えられながらも見事に咲誇って優雅な姿を見せていました。その後の散歩道でも満開の桜が迎えてくれました。この淡い桜色が何とも品がよくいいですね。Cherry blossoms in Taga-taisha are in full bloom now. Yesterday morning, I went to the shrine after a long while. Cherry blossoms are blooming here and there. It was a magnificent sight to see the branches of dignified-looking old cherry trees which require support with sticks, full of new blossoms. After the shrine, I also saw many cherry blossoms on my usual walk route. I felt as if they were all welcoming me. The pale pink color of the flowers is elegant and nice.