Monday, April 17, 2017

きのうは暖かだったので玄関の戸を開けて一日中、春風を店の中に入れました。もうすぐ多賀まつりです。神社ではまつりを前にいろいろな神事が行われています。お店のお客様ともまつりの話題が増えています。鎌倉時代が起源といわれるこの古例大祭はの主役は馬頭人(ばとうにん)。今年は多賀町から選ばれているので一層皆さんの関心は高いようです。騎馬40頭、総勢400人ほどのまつりのハイライトは本わたりと呼ばれる行列で午後4時ごろ「多賀あさひや」の前をお通りになります。いつのものか分かりませんが家に多賀まつりの様子が描かれた徳利がありました。Yesterday was a warm and nice day, so I had the sliding front door open all day long and let the spring wind in to the cafe. Soon we will have the old annual spring festival of Taga-taisha. There are many Shinto rituals before the festival at the shrine. The closer the festival comes, the more people enjoy chatting about the festival in the cafe. The origin of the festival is Kamakura period (1185-1333) and the main role of the festival is called Batoo-nin (manager of the festival). The highlight of the festival is called Hon-watari (main procession) in which about 40 horses line up and nearly 400 people in traditional costume or formal wear ride on the horses or walk. At around 4pm you will see this procession in front of my cafe. I took a photo of the sake pitcher on the scene of Taga-matsuri is drawn.