Thursday, June 3, 2021



    Walking was my daily routine before my cafe opened and then it became my routine for Mondays and Thursdays which were regular closing days of the cafe since the cafe started. Recently I haven't gone for walking as much as before because I go to Hikone to get food by bicycle both for the cafe and myself and it is an exercise instead of walking. Fortunately, daylight hours are longer these days. Today, I decided to go for a walk before dinner. On my route, a woman who was outside her house said to me " Oh, you are walking (instead of riding a bicycle) today". I thought that I should walk more because I gave an impression to her that I am always riding a bike. While I was walking, I could hear frogs croaking here and there from rice paddies where rice planting was already over. I was wondering what kind of frogs they were and why they were croaking. Hearing these sounds of nature's living things, I enjoyed the time and relaxed. What a beautiful twilight sky in the west! It was a moment on the last day of May.