Friday, June 4, 2021



    I chose poems for the morning storytelling for third graders at the elementary school. As a matter of fact, I was not able to decide whether I should choose a picture book or short poems for children. The reason I was indecisive was that in general picture books are good for the lower grades so they can enjoy both story and pictures and I couldn't predict their reaction if I read poems instead. At the very last minute, however, I chose books of poems. About a hundred twenty poems are in these two books which were selected by Mitsuko Hase who was a poem reader and performer and I had a good relationship with while she was alive. Although I had hesitation about reading those poems because Ms. Hase was a great reader and my level of reading is much lower than her level, I wanted to challenge myself because there are many wonderful poems by great Japanese poets and I believed kids must enjoy them very much. As a result, the kids reacted very well! While I was reading, some kids were laughing and some kids were smiling. When I finished reading, I asked them which one was interesting. They said their memorable words one after another among the poems which I read. It was a great feeling to know that reading poems aloud stimulates children. It is just as Ms Hase was saying.